Key Benefits

  • Improved performance
  • Innovative design
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Komatsu/Demag hydraulic excavator parts designed for heavy applications

You depend on your Komatsu®/Demag® equipment, and when vital components fail, getting your machinery up and running again is a top priority. But that’s only the beginning. Invest in spare part solutions that do more than just repair; optimise your Komatsu/Demag Hydraulic Excavators, with high-value, high performance parts from EXCEL™.

Looking to improve performance?


Our designs will improve your operation through increased performance and/or ease of use (compared to typical Komatsu/Demag parts). Make a small investment for a quick return with a wide variety of improved designs customised for Komatsu/Demag excavators. Below are more details on these components – many of which are not available from your typical undercarriage parts supplier.



Innovation by design


You need a replacement part that is more efficient and performs better than the original, and we work to deliver. Our replacement parts are backed by our F3 Commitment to Fit, Form and Function. In many cases, our engineers have modified and improved the conventional Komatsu/Demag undercarriage components to greatly improve durability and performance. Our high performance parts deliver value and performance, from pin and bushing sets to complete undercarriage replacements. 

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XL-21T-3-00080-HALF2-SPL XL-21T-3-00080-NUT2 XL-21T-3-00080-ORING XL-21T-3-00080-PB2 XL-21T-3-00080-PIN XL-21T-3-00080-ROLLER XL-21T-3-00080-ROLLER-SPL XL-21T-3-00080-RWB XL-21T-3-00080-SEAL XL-21T-3-00080-SEAL2 XL-21T-3-00080-SPL XL-21T-3-00080-WASH XL-21T-30-00211 XL-21T-30-00220 XL-21T-30-00221 XL-21T-30-00381 XL-21T-30-00381-IWB XL-21T-30-0090 XL-21T-30-71140 XL-21T-30-81412 XL-21T-30-81412-CP1 XL-21T-30-81412-CP2 XL-21T-30-81412-CP3 XL-21T-30-81421 XL-21T-30-81431 XL-21T-30-81441 XL-21T-30-81451 XL-21T-30-81461 XL-21T-30-81470 XL-21T-32-05020 XL-21T-32-11480 XL-21T-32-31110 XL-21T-32-31123 XL-21T-32-31133 XL-21T-32-31152 XL-21T-32-31210 XL-21T-32-31260 XL-21T-32-31280 XL-21T-32-31292 XL-21T-32-31293 XL-21T-32-31323 XL-21T-32-31333 XL-21T-32-31340 XL-21T-32-31350 XL-21T-32-31370 XL-21T-70-73130 XL-21T-70-73130-CP1 XL-21T-70-73130-CP2 XL-21T-70-73141 XL-21T-70-73160 XL-21T-70-73170 XL-21T-72-73170 XL-21T-943-1142 XL-22555040 XL-22955440 XL-22955540 XL-237-207-40 XL-23944640 XL-24087840 XL-24088940 XL-25298540 XL-25298740 XL-25298940 XL-25299840 XL-255-056-40 XL-255-057-40 XL-255-058-40 XL-257-284-40 XL-25702840 XL-25703240 XL-25703740 XL-25728340 XL-25728440 XL-25798640 XL-25798740 XL-25906840R XL-26038999 XL-26059440 XL-26168240 XL-26168940 XL-261827-40 XL-265-057-40 XL-26714440R XL-269-454-40 XL-28195840 XL-28195940 XL-28199140 XL-28242840 XL-28242940 XL-28417440 XL-290-773-40 XL-290-774-40 XL-29049040 XL-29049240 XL-29077440 XL-29079540R XL-29286440 XL-29894440 XL-301-896-40 XL-303-110-40 XL-30315340 XL-30315740 XL-30316140 XL-30342340R XL-30342840 XL-304-135-99 XL-304-369-40 XL-30411340 XL-30485140 XL-30490440 XL-30498040 XL-307-587-99 XL-307-612-99 XL-308-285-99 XL-308-356-99 XL-308-886-99 XL-30843640 XL-309-448-40 XL-309139298 XL-30944640 XL-313-320-40 XL-313-325-40 XL-313-326-40 XL-313-327-40 XL-313-327-40-F XL-313-328-40 XL-313-328-40-G XL-313-329-40 XL-313-329-40-CP1 XL-313-329-40-CP2 XL-313-330-40 XL-313-330-40-RWB XL-313-330-40R XL-313-333-40 XL-313-334-40 XL-313-335-40 XL-313-336-40 XL-313-337-40 XL-313-342-40 XL-313-342-40-SF XL-313-383-40 XL-313-383-40-RW1 XL-313-484-99 XL-31332740 XL-316-211-99 XL-316-213-99 XL-32263140 XL-32263140QCL XL-323-806-40 XL-323-823-40 XL-324-067-40 XL-324-575-40 XL-332-165-99 XL-332-361-99 XL-332-369-99 XL-33265440 XL-33265640 XL-339-918-99 XL-340-467-99 XL-340-615-99-A XL-340-618-99 XL-340-618-99-RW XL-340-619-99 XL-345-150-99 XL-345-218-99 XL-345-218-99-NS1 XL-345-218-99-NS2 XL-345-218-99-NS3 XL-345-218-99-XL2 XL-349-989-99 XL-352-434-40 XL-352-434-40-CP1 XL-35729140 XL-361-015-40 XL-361-015-40-OS XL-361-019-40 XL-361-019-40-RWB XL-361-022-40 XL-361-022-40-R XL-361-023-40 XL-361-024-40 XL-361-025-40 XL-361-026-40 XL-361-027-40 XL-361-027-40-SHIM XL-361-031-40 XL-361-031-40-SF XL-36101840 XL-36102240 XL-36102240-BOLT XL-36102240-BUSH XL-36102240-KB XL-36102240-LW XL-36102240-PB XL-36102240-PIN XL-36102240-PLUG XL-36102240-RINGS XL-36102240-SEAL XL-36102240-WASH XL-36102240ROLLER XL-365-585-40 XL-36674740 XL-36674740NGC XL-368-452-40 XL-368-715-40 XL-36853540 XL-372-933-40 XL-372-935-40 XL-372-942-40 XL-37293340 XL-37293440 XL-37294640 XL-374-395-40 XL-390-227-40 XL-390-228-40 XL-390-229-40 XL-390-272-40 XL-390-272-40-OS XL-390-302-40 XL-395-627-40 XL-395-628-40 XL-39520640 XL-39520740 XL-401-652-501 XL-41475840 XL-415.10256.000 XL-415.10269.000 XL-415.10294.000A XL-425-638-40 XL-426-045-40 XL-426-045-40-SHIM XL-428-230-40 XL-428-230-40R XL-429-208-40 XL-429-210-40 XL-429-216-40 XL-429-217-40 XL-429-217-40-F XL-429-218-40-BODY XL-429-218-40-BODY-F XL-429-219-40 XL-429-220-40 XL-429-221-40 XL-429-222-40 XL-429-222-40-RW1 XL-429-223-40 XL-429-223-40-RW1 XL-429-224-40 XL-429-225-40 XL-429-225-40-BODY XL-429-226-40 XL-429-226-40-RW XL-429-227-40 XL-429-227-40-SHIM XL-429-228-40 XL-429-229-40 XL-429-229-40-RW XL-429-230-40 XL-429-230-40R XL-429-231-40 XL-429-235-40 XL-429-237-40 XL-429-256-40 XL-429-256-40-SHIM XL-429-609-40 XL-429-649-40 XL-429-652-40 XL-429-663-40 XL-429-667-40 XL-429-668-40 XL-429-668-40-F XL-429-680-40 XL-429-680-40-A XL-429-680-40-NS XL-429-682-40 XL-429-683-40 XL-429-684-40 XL-429-685-40 XL-429-686-40 XL-429-687-40 XL-429-687-40R XL-429-689-40 XL-429-689-40-NS1 XL-429-690-40 XL-429-690-40-NS1 XL-429-690-40-NS2 XL-429-690-40-NS3 XL-429-691-40 XL-429-695-40 XL-429-697-40 XL-42968940 XL-430-646-40 XL-430-647-40 XL-430-648-40 XL-430-761-40 XL-430-763-40 XL-430-838-40 XL-430-869-40 XL-430-871-40 XL-430-884-40 XL-445-393-40 XL-448-906-40 XL-448-947-40 XL-448-947-40-R XL-448-948-40 XL-448-949-40 XL-448-956-40 XL-448-956-40-NS XL-448-957-40 XL-448-958-40 XL-448-958-40-OEM XL-448-973-40 XL-448-976-40 XL-448-977-40 XL-448-977-40-G XL-448-977-40-PLUG XL-45T11000 XL-45T11000- XL-45T11000-15 XL-456-855-40 XL-456-856-40 XL-456-857-40 XL-456-879-40 XL-460-235-40 XL-461-627-40 XL-461-628-40 XL-467-598-40 XL-480-648-40 XL-480-649-40 XL-480-657-40 XL-480-996-40 XL-500-128-98 XL-501-124-98 XL-502-213-98 XL-502-869-98 XL-504-101-98 XL-504-102-98 XL-504-351-98 XL-504-351-98-XL1 XL-504-383-98 XL-506-102-98 XL-506-595-98 XL-506-596-98 XL-506-597-98 XL-508-420-98 XL-510-512-98 XL-510-513-98 XL-510-516-98 XL-512-046-98 XL-51254338 XL-514-678-40 XL-514-678-40-CP1 XL-514-678-40-CP2 XL-515-971-98-A XL-537-938-40 XL-561-74-61740 XL-561-74-61740-CP1 XL-561-74-61740-CP2 XL-566-898-40 XL-567-207-40 XL-56724140 XL-575-620-40 XL-575-620-40-OEM XL-575-625-40 XL-575-625-40-OEM XL-575-625-40-SF XL-575-630-40 XL-575-630-40-OEM XL-575-632-40 XL-575-633-40 XL-575-633-40-OEM XL-575-637-40 XL-575-675-40 XL-575-675-40-MOD1 XL-575-693-40-MS XL-577-174-80 XL-577-174-80-AXLE XL-577-174-80-BUSH XL-577-174-80-NS XL-577-174-80-ORING XL-577-174-80-PB XL-577-174-80-PIN XL-577-174-80-PLUG XL-577-174-80-ROL-NS XL-577-174-80-ROLLER XL-577-174-80-RWB XL-577-174-80-RWB-NS XL-577-174-80-SEAL XL-59347440 XL-594-063-40 XL-6T8049 XL-607-769-40 XL-607-776-40 XL-620-003-40 XL-620-007-40 XL-620-008-40 XL-620-009-40 XL-620-009-40-ASSY XL-620-009-40-MS XL-620-009-40-MS-ASY XL-620-018-40 XL-620-018-40-ASSY XL-620-018-40-MS-SET XL-621-161-40 XL-621-161-40-SHIM XL-627-042-40 XL-627-048-40 XL-627-518-40 XL-627-572-40 XL-627-572-40-DL XL-627-823-40 XL-627-825-40 XL-627-904-40 XL-630-341-40 XL-636-151-40 XL-636-151-40-NS XL-636-156-40 XL-636-157-40 XL-636-158-40 XL-637-044-40 XL-637-044-40-F XL-637-127-40 XL-637-129-40 XL-637-131-40 XL-637-134-40 XL-637-164-40 XL-637-547-40 XL-637-548-40 XL-637-552-40 XL-637-553-40 XL-637-554-40 XL-637-575-40 XL-63776440 XL-640-844-40 XL-64072840 XL-64251040 XL-643-157-40 XL-643-405-40 XL-643-405-40-BODY XL-643-410-40 XL-643-936-40 XL-643-940-40 XL-646-635-40 XL-646-636-40 XL-651-083-40 XL-651-293-40 XL-653-904-40 XL-659-223-40 XL-659-226-40 XL-661-196-40 XL-661-196-40-CP1 XL-661-196-40-CP2 XL-661-196-40-CP3 XL-674-029-40 XL-674-029-40-CP1 XL-674-029-40-CP2 XL-674-029-40-CP3 XL-674-029-40-NS XL-674-029-40-PAT XL-674-029-40-SF XL-674-029-40-3PC XL-675-810-40 XL-675-813-40 XL-675-813-40-A XL-675-813-40-A-ASSY XL-675-813-40-A-SET XL-675-813-40-ASSY XL-675-813-40-MOD1 XL-675-813-40-MS XL-675-813-40-MS-ASSY XL-675-813-40-MS-NS XL-675-813-40-MS-SET XL-675-813-40-MS-SET-Q86 XL-675-813-40-MS-SET-Q92 XL-675-813-40-PAT-1 XL-675-813-40-PAT-2 XL-675-813-40-SET XL-675-813-40-SET-Q86 XL-675-813-40-SET-Q92 XL-675-813-40-1500MM XL-675-813-40-1500MM-ASY XL-675-813-40-1500MM-Q86 XL-675-813-40-1500MM-Q92 XL-675-846-40 XL-675-899-40 XL-675-899-40-PAT XL-76.90H-22A1NB60 XL-76.90H-24A3NB60 XL-76.90H-27NB60 XL-76.90H-41NB60 XL-76.97H-06NB60 XL-76.97H-12A3NB60 XL-76.97H-22NB60 XL-76.97H-26NB60 XL-763-484-73 XL-763-998-73 XL-763-998-73-MS XL-768-880-73 XL-792-249-73 XL-793-616-73 XL-795-452-73 XL-795-452-73-MS XL-8000 IDLER STAND XL-804-018 XL-804-026 XL-804-595-73 XL-882-670-40 XL-883-125-40 XL-886-297-40 XL-887-105-40 XL-887-110-40 XL-887-110-40-PAT XL-887-114-40 XL-887-114-40-A XL-887-114-40-A-ASSY XL-887-114-40-A-SET XL-887-114-40-ASSY XL-887-114-40-PAT-1 XL-887-114-40-PAT-2 XL-887-114-40-SET XL-887-116-40 XL-887-120-40 XL-887-140-40 XL-887-140-40-A-PAT-1 XL-887-140-40-A-PAT-2 XL-887-140-40-ASSY XL-887-140-40-MS XL-887-140-40-MS-ASY XL-887-140-40-MS-PAT-1 XL-887-140-40-MS-PAT-2 XL-887-140-40-MS-R1 XL-887-140-40-MS-R1B XL-887-140-40-MS-R2 XL-887-140-40-MS-R2B XL-887-140-40-MS-SET XL-887-140-40-SET XL-890-870-40 XL-890-922-40 XL-890-923-40 XL-890-924-40 XL-890-925-40 XL-890-926-40 XL-890-927-40 XL-890-931-40 XL-890-934-40 XL-890-936-40 XL-890-937-40 XL-890-946-40 XL-890-975-40 XL-890-978-40 XL-895-902-40 XL-895-902-40-RW-RG XL-895-902-40-RWB XL-895-903-40 XL-895-904-40 XL-896-065-40 XL-896-065-40-DR XL-896-265-40 XL-898-377-40 XL-900-692-40 XL-900-692-40-CP1 XL-900-692-40-CP2 XL-900-742-40 XL-900-742-40-CP1 XL-900-742-40-CP2 XL-900-747-40 XL-900-748-40 XL-902-949-40 XL-902-949-40-CP1 XL-902-949-40-CP2 XL-904-205-40 XL-904-205-40-DR XL-904-227-40-A XL-904-476-40 XL-904-476-40-CP1 XL-904-476-40-CP2 XL-904-479-40 XL-904-479-40-CP1 XL-904-479-40-CP2 XL-904-502-40 XL-904-527-40 XL-904-529-40 XL-905-209-40 XL-905-209-40-BB XL-905-212-40 XL-905-213-40 XL-905-371-40 XL-905-788-40 XL-908-618-40 XL-908-625-40 XL-908-663-40 XL-908-664-40 XL-908-666-40 XL-908-667-40 XL-911-371-40 XL-911-854-40 XL-913-524-40 XL-913-524-40-ASSY XL-913-524-40-BEARING XL-913-524-40-BODY XL-913-524-40-FLATHD XL-913-524-40-G XL-913-524-40-GAGE1 XL-913-524-40-GAGE2 XL-913-524-40-GAGE3 XL-913-524-40-RLRASM XL-913-524-40-RWB XL-913-524-40-SETSCRW XL-913-610-40 XL-913-610-40-CP1 XL-913-610-40-CP2 XL-913-613-40 XL-913-620-40 XL-914-132-40 XL-914-134-40 XL-914-135-40 XL-915-755-40 XL-915-755-40-BODY XL-915-755-40-PILLOW XL-915-755-40-RLRASM XL-917-595-40 XL-917-598-40 XL-918-840-40 XL-921-181-40 XL-921-181-40-ASSY XL-921-181-40-BOLT XL-921-181-40-BOLTSPC XL-921-181-40-LSPC XL-921-181-40-MOD1 XL-921-181-40-MOD1-ASSY XL-921-181-40-MOD1-SET XL-921-181-40-MS XL-921-181-40-MS-ASSY XL-921-181-40-MS-SET XL-921-181-40-NUT XL-921-181-40-PIN XL-921-181-40-SET XL-921-181-40-SPC XL-921-181-40-WASH XL-921-189-40-MS XL-921-189-40-MS-ASSY XL-921-189-40-MS-SET XL-921-191-40-A XL-922-521-40 XL-922-522-40 XL-922-536-40 XL-923-246-40 XL-923-269-40 XL-923-273-40 XL-923-274-40 XL-923-274-40-CP1 XL-923-274-40-CP2 XL-923-816-40 XL-924-962-40 XL-925-455-40 XL-925-459-40 XL-925-461-40 XL-925-461-40-CP1 XL-925-461-40-CP2 XL-927-836-40 XL-927-836-40-SF XL-927-841-40 XL-927-893-40 XL-927-898-40 XL-927-898-40-NS XL-929-320-40 XL-929-320-40-NS XL-929-321-40 XL-930-158-40 XL-932-140-40 XL-932-300-40 XL-932-407-40 XL-933-623-40 XL-933-627-40 XL-933-627-40-SF XL-933-627-40-SL1 XL-936-399-40 XL-936-399-40-CP1 XL-936-399-40-CP2 XL-936-694-40 XL-936-694-40-ASSY XL-936-695-40 XL-936-695-40-ASSY XL-936-695-40-MS XL-936-695-40-MS-ASSY XL-936-695-40-MS-PAT-1 XL-936-695-40-MS-PAT-2 XL-936-695-40-MS-SET XL-936-695-40-SPC XL-936-698-40 XL-936-699-40 XL-938-776-40 XL-938-778-40 XL-938-785-40 XL-938-786-40 XL-938-787-40 XL-938-787-40-PAT XL-938-788-40 XL-938-789-40 XL-938-790-40 XL-938-791-40 XL-938-793-40 XL-938-793-40-CP1 XL-938-793-40-CP2 XL-938-793-40-1PC XL-938-794-40 XL-938-795-40 XL-938-797-40 XL-938-798-40 XL-938-799-40 XL-939-730-40 XL-944-288-40 XL-946-633-40 XL-946-634-40 XL-955-200-40 XL-955-200-40-G XL-960-213-40 XL-963-754 XL-963-754-TOR XL-ED7962 XL-EF0745 XL-R207-27-00151 XL-R207-27-00160 XL-R708-8H-00270 XL-TRISTAR#2 XL-428-70-11831 XL-428-70-11831MK

EXCEL parts for Komatsu/Demag Hydraulic Excavator: the ideal fix

When you depend on your hydraulic excavators to power your business, something as small as a single failed component can bring everything grinding down to a halt. Our top-quality spare parts for Komatsu/Demag Hydraulic Excavators put your business back in operation, improving performance and decreasing maintenance times in the process.

Improved performance

These Komatsu/Demag spare parts are a smart investment for any mining site. Our durable, reliable designs allow for better equipment performance and throughput.

Innovative design

When a part fails, replacing it with the exact same part will most likely give you the exact same outcome. We’ve improved upon existing designs, so that you can expect a longer operational life from our spares. 

Reduced maintenance costs

Longer operational life means longer periods of operation between maintenance downtimes. That means better throughput, and increased revenue for your business. 

The right components for your hydraulic excavators

Invest in parts you can rely on. We offer spare parts for a wide range of Komatsu/Demag Hydraulic Excavator models, backed by our F3 Commitment to Fit, Form and Function. Our spare parts are made from the most durable materials and are specifically designed to improve excavator performance.

Our Komatsu/Demag Hydraulic Excavator offering includes spare parts for the following models:


PC2000™ • PC3000™ • PC4000™ • PC5500™ • PC7000™ • PC8000™


Komatsu/Demag excavator spare parts include

  • Bushings
  • Pins
  • Track shoes / track pads
  • Upper rollers
  • Lower rollers
  • Drive sprockets
  • Idlers


We stock replacement components for the following Komatsu/Demag models

  • PC3000™
  • PC3000-6™
  • PC4000™
  • PC4000-6™
  • PC4000-7™
  • PC5500™
  • PC5500-6™
  • PC8000™
  • PC8000-6™
  • PC8000-6 FS E™


Komatsu/Demag excavator undercarriage parts


Standard offerings

  • Custom retention hardware to fully retain the pin head
  • Optimised internal cavity for thicker cross sections to reduce back-bending
  • Case hardening deeper than conventional wear limits
  • Forged one-piece rollers
  • Manganese track shoes for durability in hard rock applications
  • Fully-supported roll path


Overpitch drive tumbler

A properly timed replacement extends the life of the track shoes and reduces additional damage on replacement tumblers. Operations get more uptime and extended life from their track shoes. The resulting performance simulates ‘like-new’ pitch conditions. The overpitch drive tumbler installs as a direct replacement for the conventional drive tumbler.


Forged one-piece rollers

Rock solid performance

  • Retains grain integrity resulting in maximum grain strength.
  • Reduces and refines the coarse cast grain structure. Forging does NOT change the volume or density of the steel.
  • Uniform grain size and directional flow maximise strength.


Komatsu/Demag High Flotation Track Shoes


Improved weight distribution

The massive crushing weight of an excavator wreaks havoc on its undercarriage, which can be hard on your operation. By improving the traditional track shoe design, we offer an effective weight-distribution solution. The redesigned shoe improves material flow throughout its wear life and is proven to extend track shoe life.


Komatsu/Demag Overpitch Drive Sprocket


Compensates for typical elongation

Misalignments cause unnecessary drive sprocket wear, shortening component life and causing excess downtime. Our design addresses the misalignment between the track shoe drive lugs and the drive sprocket.


Allows additional 50% of usable track shoe lifespan

A properly timed replacement extends the life of the track shoes and reduces additional damage on replacement sprockets. Operations get more uptime and extended life from their track shoes. The resulting performance simulates ‘like-new’ pitch conditions. The overpitch drive sprocket installs as a direct replacement for the conventional drive sprocket.


The solution to mismatched engagement

Normal wear and tear reduce the pin size and enlarges the bores. Continual wear of these components increases the overall length of the track. Longer tracks cause drive lugs to be out of pitch with the drive sprocket. We focus our improvements on the primary cause of misalignment: excess space between the track shoes.

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