Key Benefits

  • Durable
  • Easy operation
  • High efficiency
  • Solid reputation 

The most trusted Fine Coal Centrifuges 

The production of high-quality coal involves many stages and processes, perhaps one of the most important is dewatering. With high water content due to the cleaning process, coal slurry must be dried out as much as possible, and as consistently as possible.

Coal with high or inconsistent residual moisture can create delays in the production line, result in contract penalties and increase transportation and storage costs, all of which affect your bottom line.

Our Fine Coal Centrifuge range includes both vertical and horizontal scrolled basket style machines that use centrifugal force to separate surface water from coal.

We offer two models:

FC1200 – vertical fine coal centrifuge

HFC1300-S2 – horizontal fine coal centrifuge.

Fine coal centrifuges are largely used on coal mines, but their diversity and adaptability also mean they can dewater a range of other products including salt, granulated slag, fertiliser and other chemicals.

Safe and efficient coal dewatering systems built to outlast


With a reputation for a long service life for baskets and wet end components, our Fine Coal Centrifuges are built with the strongest, most durable, high-quality materials available.

The FC1200 has robust gears, shafts and bearings as well as pressurised lubrication systems to ensure trouble-free operation. Abrasion resistant linings come standard including:

• 12mm thick alumina ceramic tiles line the internal base of the spoke piece

• 12mm thick alumina ceramic tiles line the internal product wear ring

• WEAR-RESIST™ trowelable ceramic lines the centrate chamber

• WEAR-RESIST™ trowelable ceramic lines the centrate launder

• WEAR-RESIST™ coated scraper drum and abrasive resistant scraper blades

• WEAR-RESIST™ coated scraper drum cover and feed distribution zone.

The scraper drum and basket rotate in the same direction at different speeds resulting in optimum basket and scraper blade life.

The HFC1300-S2 is a modular design and includes multiple life-extending elements including:

• wear lined effluent and product housings

• a protective casing for the cyclodrive drive module

• newly revamped grease lubrication system

• lower G-forces and larger basket area for reduced sliding wear

• WEAR-RESIST™ coated scroll

• WEAR-RESIST™ coated patented distributor.

All internal assemblies of the discharge housing are lined with either trowelable,WEAR-RESIST™ or alumina tiles.

Easy operation

Extra features and benefits are what make our Fine Coal Centrifuges easier and safer to use—they are a mining industry favourite across the globe.

Both models are equipped with a feed distributor which helps spread the fine coal in the slurry evenly around the basket and get the slurry up to the screen rotation speed to minimise the slip on the basket surface.

They also feature a scraper scroll which scrapes dried coal off the basket surface, reducing wastage.


• Designed so the wet end can be disassembled in order of component wear – so the basket is on the outside followed by the distributor, scroll and then the carrier for easier and faster maintenance.

• One-piece disposable basket.

• Easy access belt change.

• Re-usable oil filter with built-in magnet.

• Blocked filter bypass indicator.

• Multiple drive arrangements and drive motor positions to suit your product and set-up.

• Optional velocity arrester lined with alumina tiles when the feed pipe head exceeds three metres, or if the feed velocity is greater than 1.5 metres per second.


• Designed so the wet end can be disassembled in order of component wear – so the basket is on the outside followed by the distributor, scroll and then the carrier for easier and faster maintenance.

• Its horizontal design means it has a low profile, making maintenance easier and safer as staff don’t have to work at heights.

• A hinged door complete with the chute allows for quick access to routine wearing components.

• The modular design allows for easy replacement of components in complete sub-assemblies.

• Externally mounted drive motor and drive belts for safe and easy access.

• Multiple options of drive motor and door handling can change the footprint to best suit your plant layout and space requirements.

• Newly added torque monitoring sensors give you real-time feedback, with an option to regulate feed to the unit and eliminate clutch trips.

High efficiency

The world’s largest capacity fine coal scrolled basket centrifuge, the HFC1300 S2 can process 100 tonnes per hour. It’s capable of 350 G-forces to achieve the driest possible product. The combination of the patented feed distributor and new scroll and basket design, produce a significant increase in basket surface use to maximise solid movement across the basket and reduce wear.

The smaller FC1200 has a large throat opening in the feed chute for greater throughput and 16 product conveying fins for greater dewatering.

Increase productivity further by customising your baskets, drive arrangement and drive motor positions.

Continuous operation, minimal wastage, low installation and running costs and the ability to provide a consistent residual moisture makes for the most efficient way to dewater fine coal.

Exceptional performance and wear life

State-of-the-art dewatering techniques

The centrifuges operate with a vertical or horizontal, rotating, perforated (screen mesh) basket. Feed slurry enters the centrifuge and is distributed to the basket surface. The basket’s rotational G-forces push the slurry against the surface of the basket, where the solids are held in place. Water is filtered through the thin bed of solids and exits the centrifuge through the holes in the basket surface and is discharged through two pipes at the side of the machine.

The scroll has a screw flight design which moves the solids down the basket as it rotates, until they finally discharge as dry product. The high-volume devices can accept feed slurry from thickening cyclone underflow, sieve bend overflow or fines dewatering screen overflow.

With a typical feed size range of -2.0 to 0.100mm, our Fine Coal Centrifuges can decrease feed moisture down from 45–55% to produce surface moisture of the product to be as low as 9–13%, depending on the particle size distribution of feed material.

Technical information


• Nominal capacity – 50–80 tonnes per hour*

• Main drive motor – 55 kw

• Lubrication motor – 1.1 kw

• Basket diameter – 1200 mm

• Basket aperture – 0.250/0.375 mm

• Size – 3060 L x 2365 W x 2360 H mm

• Weight – 5650 kg

• Feed size range – -2 + 0.100 mm


• Nominal capacity – 100 tonnes per hour*

• Drive motor – 110 kw

• Lubrication motor – 0.75 kw

• Basket diameter – 1300 mm

• Basket aperture – 0.375 mm

• Size – 3010 L x 2256 W x 2065 H mm

• Weight – 6,300 kg

• Nominal feed size range – -2 + 0.100 mm

* Depending on particle size

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