Key Benefits

  • Optimum flexibility and adaptability
  • High availability 
  • Low-wear operations
  • Low maintenance

This Apron Feeder likes to move it fast and flexible!

This Secondary Apron Feeder brings you the highest quality along with an unmatched adaptability to your plant layout, which ensures you ease of maintenance and significant cost-savings. Our Apron Feeder SAF is able to handle the highest throughput rates and has been specially designed for crusher and silo discharge.

We take a tailored approach that enables us to fit every Apron Feeder to your requirements and installation conditions, making it the most flexible Secondary Apron Feeder on the market.

The components of the Apron Feeder also promise the highest performance and reliability.

The drive system is available as an electro-mechanical and hydraulic drive and features an optional variable speed drive (VSD). With a segmented drive sprocket for easy exchange, you also benefit from easy maintenance.

Our Apron Feeder SAF’s pans are welded from high wear resistant steel.

The hopper zone has additional rollers and slide rails to ensure uniform load distribution on the main frame of the apron feeder. For additional protection of the supporting structure, the Apron Feeder can be equipped with an impact table with heavy-duty shock absorbers. 

High flexibility and adaptability 


Design tailored to meet your individual requirements and installation conditions.

Optimised design and life time 


Low spillage of the inner space due to high tightness between the pans, as well as at the return stations.

The maintenance-free slide rails are made of special steel that allows operation without an additional lubrication system. This eco-friendly design avoids grease overflow, resulting in greater operational safety.

Our Apron Feeder SAF series is also equipped with reinforced cast aprons in a welded design. In order to minimise the amount of spillage during operation, each apron comes with a special sealing lip. The thickness of the top plate can be tailored to the respective requirements.

You also benefit from lifetime lubricated oil chains and an optional chain lock for easy chain replacement. Protection hoods for all rotating parts give you additional durability and low wear operations. 

The low-maintenance, low-wear Secondary Apron Feeder

Whether you need a standard or bespoke design, we provide the optimum solution. We act on your specific requirements and adapt our systems to suit your material and ambient conditions, optimising proven technology to your specifications.

The benefits of our Secondary Apron Feeder SAF are numerous: high throughput coupled with low costs, minimum maintenance, simple operation and maximum reliability. 
High flexibility and adaptability
  • Design tailored to meet your individual requirements and installation conditions 
  • Optimised integration into existing plant layouts 
High performance & easy operations
  • Optimised performance 
  • Optimised conveying speed 
  • Designed for maximum and peak loads 
Cost-effective and maintenance-friendly
  • Low maintenance, thanks to the lifetime-lubricated heavy-duty track rollers and tractor chains, as well as lubricant-free slide rails 
  • High availability due to low-wear operation 
  • High operational safety due to protection devices and operation monitoring 
Optimised design and life time
  • Robust, controllable drives for start-up under full load and optimisation of conveying speed 
  • Low spillage of the inner space due to high tightness between the pans, as well as at the return stations 

Conveying made easy with the innovative Apron Feeder SAF features

The transportation of heavy materials puts machines under great stress, which naturally results in wear and tear. It is therefore all the more important to choose an Apron Feeder that is as resistant as possible without sacrificing performance. Thanks to the flexibility and the features of our SAF series, we are able to offer you exactly this option.

Our Secondary Apron Feeder SAF stands out in particular for these features, which make it ideally suited for the transportation of materials in stationary, semi-mobile and mobile crushing plants. 


  • Electro-mechanical and hydraulic drive available  
  • Optional variable speed drive (VSD)  
  • Segmented drive sprocket for easy exchange 


  • Welded pans out of high wear resistant steel  
  • Accurately machined sealing lips for low spillage 

Take-up station  

  • Easy tensioning mechanism for track chain  
  • Take-up beam with lifetime lubricated rollers 

Track system  

  • Lifetime-lubricated oil chain  
  • Heavy duty track and return roller  
  • Optional chain lock for easy chain replacement  
  • Protection hoods for all rotating parts 


  • Pull rope switch  
  • Zero speed switch for speed control  
  • Tailored Skirtboards  
  • Hydraulic retraction system feeder displacement 

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