Key Benefits

  • Exceptional availability and unbeatable reliability
  • Design tailored to meet specific process and site needs
  • Maintain high performance levels with aftermarket support

Premium smelting technology from one of the most experienced names in the business

As a leading supplier of smelting equipment since the 1950s, FLSmidth was foundational in the growth of the copper and platinum industries, particularly in southern Africa. Today, our range of Pierce-Smith converters, furnaces, casting ladles and transfer cars continue to support the smelting industry with exceptional performance, availability, and reliability.

Pierce-Smith converters and furnaces

Our converters and furnaces are customised to suit your specific site conditions and preferences. We draw on our field experience and the latest finite elemental analysis software to optimise the design of key parts, such as mouth and tuyere components. In doing so, our parts achieve better performance and reduce downtime for maintenance and change-outs. We can also accommodate a variety of drive arrangements and automatic emergency turnout mechanisms. 

Ladles and transfer cars

We are a major supplier of both cast and fabricated ladles, as well as the full range of transfer cars, all designed inhouse to ensure fitness for purpose, reliability and ease of operation. 

Our ladles and ladle lifting equipment are available in a wide range of sizes: fabricated ladles have been supplied up to 170 ton carrying capacity, while our 34 cubic meter cast ladles are among the largest in the world. FLSmidth transfer cars are available for ladle, scrap, hot metal, and tundish, as well as for converter exchange. A choice of self-driven and non-driven options allow car control by remote cable reel, festoon connection or radio control, depending on your site conditions. 

Ladle tilters


FLSmidth is also a leading supplier of custom-designed ladle tilters for a wide range of applications, including the granulation of metals, in the potting process for aluminium smelting, and in specialised metal pouring operations where control of pouring or teeming rates are essential. Our hydraulic tilting mechanisms achieve a high degree of tilting control – either manually or via PLC from the control room. Ladle tilters are available as fixed or mobile units.

High-performance smelting equipment. You can depend on it

Smelters are intense and challenging environments. Any failure not only means lost production but risks the health and safety of workers and equipment. Our smelting technology is proven to perform in even the harshest of conditions. So, you have one less thing to worry about.

Exceptional availability and unbeatable reliability
Experience in the field. Attention to quality. Collaboration with the customer. The result is a range of smelting solutions that maximises uptime and minimises maintenance requirements. And this means higher production for lower maintenance costs. We call it a win-win.  
Design tailored to meet site-specific process needs
Smelting operations vary widely according to a wide range of parameters. We understand this. We have worked at smelting operations around the world, so we have seen it first hand, many times over. And so we know that to deliver the best possible results, we must design and supply equipment that fits into specific site conditions. Which is exactly what we do. 
Maintain high performance levels with aftermarket support

We offer a comprehensive range of aftermarket services that ensures your smelting equipment continues to offer market-leading performance throughout its operating life cycle. Services include:


  • Equipment inspections
  • High-quality spare parts
  • Onsite replacement of worn components
  • Retrofits and modifications
  • Training of maintenance staff
  • Strip-down, inspection, refurbishment, relocation and recommissioning of used equipment

KREBS® Quick Release™ system for pump rebuilds

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