Key Benefits

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Versatile equipment

Refining equipment that doesn't substitute quality and efficiency

When refining gold and silver into Dore, it’s essential to have a range of equipment that will optimise the process. With our years of experience and expertise, we provide a variety of different systems designed to boost the recovery at your plant without substituting simplicity or a smaller environmental impact.

Once the Gravity concentrate, Merrill Crowe precipitate or Electrowinning sludge has been recovered, the concentrated precious metal is moved through the stages of drying or retorting and then smelting. In smelting, gold and silver are separated from the gang material and recovered as a Dore bar product.


At FLSmidth, we offer a range of different models, sizes and configurations, to provide you with a custom experience that suits your needs. Whatever the application, you can always count on us to bring you the best quality products available.

Our refining technology includes:

  • Mercury Retorts – for removing mercury and drying precious metal concentrate
  • Flux Mixers/Furnace Feeders – for thorough mixing of flux and dried concentrate and controlled feeding into the smelting furnace. Single and dual furnace feeding is available
  • Electric Induction/Fuel Fired Furnaces – for smelting gold and silver concentrate
  • Baghouses and Scrubbers – for particulate and gas removal
  • Slag Handling and Pouring Equipment – Slag Pots and Carts, 3500 and 5000 oz Ag Molds, 1000 oz Au Molds, Mold Stands, and Slag Crushing and Separating Equipment, other items
  • Mercury Abatement Systems – for effective removal of mercury in smelt furnace stack gas and ventilation systems
  • Refinery Design and Supply – for proper refinery layout, equipment selection and sizing, stack gas baghouses and scrubbers, pouring equipment, slag handling and complete smelting systems. Refineries supplied for up to 15,000,000 ounces per year production.

Benefits that offer simplicity and versatility

Our refining equipment offers benefits designed to make the process more straightforward. It promises minimal complexity and flexibility while lowering emissions.

Easy installation and maintenance

All of our FLSmidth proprietary equipment is shop assembled, skid-mounted where applicable, and tested. Items procured for our systems have been selected for their quality.  Our design and shipping policy allows for ease of installation.  You have the confidence FLSmidth equipment and systems will take the least amount of installation time and will start up with minimal issues. 


We aim to avoid over-complexity of our systems and equipment.  We also design for operators, and keep maintenance access in mind, making the task of maintaining our equipment and systems simple.

Small footprint

Our equipment and systems are designed with floorspace restrictions in mind. We make sure they are compact, allowing minimal footprint requirement and slot nicely into any existing refinery.

Versatile equipment
We design our equipment to be extremely flexible, allowing for a wide range of applications and materials that can be processed. 

Features designed to enhance durability

Regardless of your setting and the challenges you face, we have a refining solution that is engineered to perform, delivering productivity and production improvements, cost-effectively.

Refining options

  • Gas, Diesel and Electric Furnaces
  • Cartridge Filters, Baghouses and Wet Scrubbers
  • Flux mixers from cement mixer size to large capacity paddle mixers
  • Furnace feed conveyors from single and multiple furnace capacity
  • Retort sizes from 10 to 40 cuft

Refinery systems options

  • Mercury Abatement System - Mercury abatement system for treating smelting furnace and refinery room exhaust fume containing mercury vapor
  • Refining Circuit Sizing
  • Process, Layout and Detail Engineering - Refinery System Process, General Arrangement and Detailed Mechanical engineering
  • Complete System Engineering - Complete Process, General Arrangement and Detailed Mechanical engineering offered for up and downstream processes
  • Troubleshooting services for system and equipment 

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