Key Benefits

  • Highly durable, with very long wear-life
  • Reduced pegging and blinding thanks to advanced wedge wire design
  • Efficient screening of a range of materials
  • Cost effective, with low maintenance requirements
  • Custom designed to your application

Shaped for success – Wedge Wire Trommel Screens

Efficient screening makes all the difference to your operation. Re-screening materials or constantly stopping your operation to clean the screen wastes valuable time. For many applications, pegging and blinding are an inevitable part of your screening operation. But if you can reduce blockages, you’ll benefit from greater throughput and lower costs.

We’ve designed our Wedge Wire Trommel Screens to do just that. The wedge wire’s unique shape is designed to provide large, open areas that allow material to flow through quickly. Pegging and blinding is reduced, while screening remains accurate and fast, whether you’re screening solids from solids or solids from liquids.


Wedge wire comes in a wide range of profiles and material grades to suit any type of screening. Working together, we can analyse your feed conditions, flow rate and material to create the most effective and cost-efficient trommel screen for your plant. Already have a trommel screen and just need the replacement wire? No problem. We can make to measure.

Why choose a Wedge Wire Trommel Screen?

Wedge wire is uniquely shaped to reduce blockages. With pegging and blinding reduced thanks to the unique shape of the wedge wire, screening is quick and efficient. No longer holding you back, your screen is delivering more tonnes per hour, enabling greater productivity across your operation.

A screen built to last

When you’re dealing with abrasive and sticky materials, wear life is a significant factor. Our Wedge Wire Trommel Screens are made with long-lasting stainless steel. Abrasion and corrosion resistant, they’re also spot-welded for extra strength. And because they’re hard-wearing, maintenance is drastically reduced, bringing down the associated costs and giving you greater availability.


The little maintenance that’s required is simplified by the easy installation and removal methods, enabling you to get the job done quickly and safely without any hassle. Manual cleaning is also much reduced thanks to the screen’s self-cleaning capabilities – a time saving and safety benefit.

A versatile solution for a range of applications

The Wedge Wire Trommel Screen is available in a variety of sizes, wire profiles, apertures and material grades to suit every application, including:


  • Sugar refining
  • Fruit processing
  • Minerals processing
  • Fertiliser processing
  • Abattoirs
  • Water treatment

Quick, effective separation with customised rotary screens

The Wedge Wire Trommel Screen works on the same principle as other rotary screens. Material such as aggregates, chemicals or food is fed into the drum where the centrifuge rotating action forces particles smaller than the slot size through the screen. Particles that are too large to pass through the slots continue through the drum before falling out into the discharge area. The key difference is the wedge wire, which enables highly accurate separation with very little pegging or blinding, even with sticky materials.

Of course, every application is different. That’s why a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t appropriate for trommel screens. We work closely with you to make sure that every Wedge Wire Trommel Screen meets the precise specifications for your application. The rotary screen can be custom made to any diameter and length, with slot sizes from 0.2 mm to 20 mm running axially or circumferentially. You can choose from a large selection of wire profiles, including varying head widths, heights and relief angles.

Other customisable options include:

  • Variety of support rods catering to light and heavy loads
  • Selection of stainless steel grades, including high corrosion resistant grades
  • Available with circular and flanges and drilled holes
  • Available with axial, circumferential and diagonal bracing
  • Available in bolt-together segments, e.g. 3 x 120 degree bolt-together sections to reduce shipping costs, enable easier movement through a congested plant and simplify maintenance
In addition, special wear lining can be included in the feed pipe and collection chutes to extend their service life.

Working together to optimise crusher performance

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