Key Benefits

  • Less process downtime
  • Improved mineral recovery
  • Predictable cyclone maintenance schedule
  • Increased production capacity
  • Safe monitoring of wear parts

Wireless technology and automation package

SmartCyclone monitors your cyclone parameters and identifies the early warning signs that could lead to failure.

The continuous operation of your grinding circuit is integral to maintaining productivity and profitability. Staying ahead of your system’s maintenance needs ensures you won’t be caught out with unplanned downtime. SmartCyclone™ is a monitoring and automation solution that combines roping sensor technology, wear detection technology, wireless controller system and ECS/ProcessExpert® process control software with our SmartWear® cyclone maintenance algorithm to put you in control of maintenance planning.

Wear detection technology

Specially-designed sensors report the wear status of the cyclone components, giving you the insight you need to properly plan for purchasing parts and scheduling maintenance.

The automated monitoring system enables you to detect wear and carry out troubleshooting from a control room, avoiding the risks that come with manual equipment inspections.


Wear sensors are installed between cone sections and cylindrical roping sensors are installed on the apex as seen in the image.

Roping detection technology

The system introduces electronic sensing and communications to your gMAX cyclone to optimise your process according to your specifications and needs. Within the system, the SmartCyclone sensors report the functional state of each individual cyclone by monitoring the slurry discharge conditions. This helps you reduce cyclone-related process upsets, improve cyclone overflow particle size distribution, and predict cyclone maintenance schedules.

The SmartCyclone Roping Detection system enables you to quickly identify and correct upsets/disturbances, known as "roping".  Image shows a roping event (left cyclone) and typical underflow (right cyclone).

ECS/ProcessExpert® software

ECS/ProcessExpert® is a modern, advanced process control system that automatically stabilises and optimises key minerals processes. By balancing equipment loads, and managing and correcting process disruptions, this solution reduces equipment wear and thus helps minimise maintenance costs.  


As an advanced, AI-driven system, ECS/ProcessExpert dramatically reduces or even eliminates the need for manual mill operation, and consistently ensures optimum plant performance for maximum efficiency and higher profitability. With our system, you can develop a uniform strategy for the best practice plant operations, reducing the burden of training new operators.

The image shows the cyclone manifold (cluster), which shows live data from wireless roping and wear sensors. Operators can set warning and alarm values for these parameters. Battery life and internet signal are also monitored. 

Monitor, predict and control

Partner with FLSmidth to develop a predictive maintenance strategy that increases productivity and reduces health and safety risks.

Increased production capacity and mineral recovery


An overloaded cyclone or battery of cyclones experience roping, leading to a greater bypass of coarse solids reporting to the overflow and more particle size variation. This condition creates an accumulation of slurry in the lines and downstream flotation cells. With roping monitoring in place, operators can confidently run the plant closer to its limits because they do not have to worry about overloading the cyclones. Meanwhile, less variation in particle size distribution improves your overall mineral recovery and optimises your entire process. ECS/ProcessExpert software is capable of increasing or decreasing the water addition, pump speed and number of operating cyclones to optimise circuit performance.



Less process downtime and predictable maintenance schedules


By quickly identifying and correcting cyclone roping, our SmartCyclone system stops disturbances before they cause problems with downstream equipment. The wear sensors also assist with proactive maintenance schedules, further limiting downtime.

Industry breakthrough for hydrocyclone condition monitoring and automation

Our wireless SmartCyclone sensor system eliminates the need for interconnecting cables at the sensors. A central wireless controller receives real-time data from up to 16 cyclones and feeds the information to the control room via an Ethernet cable.

The wireless controller is a handheld device that can be removed from its docking/charging station to conveniently sync and program the individual sensors. During operation, the wireless controller is housed in its docking station to communicate live operating data to the control room.


Compact system

  • Eliminates node boxes for each cyclone
  • One central controller for up to 16 cyclones
  • NEMA4X enclosure protects the controller within the dock


No cables or wires

  • Controller’s wireless antenna communicates with sensors
  • Eliminates cable trays for a more streamlined installation
  • Elimination of cables allows easy cyclone removal for maintenance

SmartCyclone™ systems are offered in two packages:

  Basic package  Sensor input Control action
Roping detection Alarm only
Wear detection Alarm only
Cyclone on/off via valve position Display only
   Expert package Sensor input Control action
Complete basic package (see above)
Particle size distribution/density Increase/decrease water introduction, pump speed
and/or number of operating cyclones
VFD amps Optimise pump speed
Sump level Optimise pump speed and water introduction
Feed pressure Optimise pump speed and/or turn off/on cyclones


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