Key Benefits

  • Less process downtime
  • Improved mineral recovery
  • Predictable cyclone maintenance schedule
  • Increased production capacity
  • Safe monitoring of wear parts

Wireless technology and automation package

Condition monitoring is the process of using sensors to observe parameters of critical machinery in order to identify significant changes that may indicate a developing problem.

Our SmartCyclone™ is an automated solution for monitoring and controlling closed-circuit grinding processes. By reducing cyclone-related process upsets and improving cyclone overflow particle size distribution, SmartCyclone helps to fully optimise the process. It also helps to predict and control cyclone maintenance schedules.

The complete SmartCyclone system comprises a combination of our FLSmidth patented SmartCyclone wear detection sensor technology, patented roping sensor technology, patent-pending wireless controller system, and ECS/ProcessExpert® process control software that utilises our new patent-pending Smart-Wear™ cyclone maintenance algorithm.


The SmartCyclone system introduces electronic sensing and communications to our hydrocyclone separator products and the encompassing process, creating an “island of optimisation” for mineral processing and specialty markets. Within the system, the SmartCyclone sensors report the functional state of the hydrocyclone by individually monitoring the slurry discharge conditions for each cyclone. Our SmartCyclone technology is used with on our gMAX® Cyclones

SmartCyclone Roping Detection system allows for quick identification and correction of upsets/disturbances known as "Roping".  Image shows a roping event (left cyclone) and typical underflow (right cyclone).

Our sensors report the wear status of the cyclone components, giving your operation greater control to plan ahead for parts purchasing and maintenance scheduling. Our sensors can report when a cyclone, or the SmartCyclone system itself, is malfunctioning – such as when an individual cyclone experiences a condition called “roping,” or a breakdown in the classification.


As part of the SmartCyclone solution, the ECS/ProcessExpert software is a modern, advanced process control system that is able to first stabilise and then optimise key minerals processes. It balances equipment loads, manages and corrects process disruptions, and optimises wear on the plant’s equipment. By dramatically reducing or eliminating manual involvement from your mill operators, ECS/ProcessExpert can consistently ensure optimum plant performance for maximum efficiency and higher profitability. In addition, the ECS/ProcessExpert solution will enable you to develop a uniform operation strategy for the best way to run your plant. An established strategy will greatly reduce the burden of training new operators.


Wear and roping detection SmartCyclone sensors

Monitor, predict and control

Do you want to predict maintenance schedules, increase production all while keeping your employees safe? 

Less process downtime

By producing quick identification and correction of upsets/disturbances (namely roping), SmartCyclone identifies conditions that may result in “bogging” downstream equipment, causing unscheduled shutdowns to clean out flotation cells or other equipment. Better prediction and control of maintenance schedules also reduces downtime.

Improved mineral recovery
By decreasing or eliminating coarse particle bypass to the cyclone overflow, the SmartCyclone system reduces variations in flotation particle size distribution, helping to improve overall mineral recovery and fully optimise your process. By adding particle size distribution, slurry density, or other process data into SmartCyclone, the system is capable of increasing or decreasing water addition, or changing pump speed and/or number of operating cyclones to optimize the circuit performance.
Predictable cyclone maintenance schedule
With our new improved process stability to wear monitoring and management, SmartCyclone allows operators to proactively schedule maintenance, rather than reactively shutdown if an issue arises.
Increased production capacity
A cyclone or battery of cyclones that are overloaded and experience roping result in a greater bypass of coarse solids reporting to the overflow, directly affecting recovery and creating problems with accumulation of slurry in lines and flotation cells. Because the SmartCyclone system monitors for roping, it allows the operator to run the plant closer to the limits of the cyclone manifold design without worrying about overloading
Safe monitoring of wear parts
Our automated monitoring system allows for wear detection and troubleshooting from a control room without employees having to handle the equipment for visual inspections.

Industry breakthrough for hydrocyclone automation

The new, compact, wireless SmartCyclone sensor system eliminates the need for individual node boxes, as well as the interconnecting cables between the sensors and nodes and associated controllers.  A single, central wireless controller handles up to 16 sensors per unit – providing real-time wireless detection and communication of roping and /or wear data, which is forwarded via Ethernet cable from the manifold controller(s) to the control room workstation.

The new wireless controller unit is a handheld device that can be removed from its docking/charging station to sync the individual sensors. The operator removes it from the dock, walks to a desired sensor, activates it with a magnet located within the device, and sets the necessary operating parameters. After completing the process, the user places the controller unit back onto its docking station, where it can communicate live operating data to the control room.


More compact system

  • Eliminates node boxes for each cyclone
  • Utilises one (1) central controller for up to 16 cyclones
  • NEMA4X enclosure protects the controller within the dock


No cables or wires

  • Controller’s wireless antenna communicates with sensors
  • Eliminates cable trays for a more streamlined installation
  • Elimination of cables allows easy cyclone removal for maintenance


SmartCyclone systems are offered in three different packages: 


Basic package    Sensor input   Control action
                        Roping detection* Alarm only
  Wear detection* Alarm only
  Cyclone on/off via valve position Display only
Standard package Sensor input
Control action
  Complete basic package  
  Cyclone flow timer Turns off/on cyclones (to address roping events and manage wear)
Expert package
Sensor input Control action
  Complete standard package
  Particle size distribution/density Increase/decrease water introduction, pump speed and/or number of operating cyclones
  VFD amps Optimise pump speed
  Sump level Optimise pump speed and water introduction

Feed pressure Optimise pump speed and/or turn off/on cyclones


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