Stationary Dryers to meet your material processing requirements

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Stationary drying systems that are easy to maintain and uncomplicated to run

At FLSmidth, we know how important it is to have machinery that works for you and your plant, providing you with advantages and features that optimise your experience. This is especially vital when this machinery is the key to providing you with maximum profit. That’s why, when processing materials through heat transfer, we recommend our range of Stationary Dryers, which are designed to optimise this process, while also simplifying it.

These material processing systems offer numerous services, including cooling, drying, heating, low-temperature calcining, steam generation, indirect-air heating and many other heat processes. They are built from stainless steel, making them robust and less vulnerable to wear-and-tear. They are stationary, with very few moving parts, and are shaped vertically, so that they can slot into any existing plant without difficulty. Their compact size also makes them easy to access, resulting in better functionality and simpler maintenance.

We offer three individual systems – the Hydro-Aire Heater, the Fluid Bed Dryer, and the Flash Dryer – which all differ in process, but not in performance.

Hydro-Aire Heater

Our Hydro-Aire Heater is a fluidisation dryer that’s primary mode of heat transfer is via indirect heating. It is designed to process fine materials, such as alumina, zircon, clay catalyst, phosphate materials, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, organic crystal, synthetic resin, limestone filler, and flux. It can accommodate materials with a particle size ranging from 10 microns up to 6mm.

What makes this product perform better than other products like it on the market is how it intentionally separates between the fluidisation process and the heat transfer process. This means that consistent fluidisation velocity is always maintained regardless of the heat load. Heat transfer can then be handled via indirect means of passing a hot fluid or steam through the heat exchanger plates that are submerged in the fluidised bed of material. It results in a gentle means of preheating that can also support high rates of heat exchange.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Our Fluid Bed Dryer is a heat processing system that can be used on a range of materials, such as plastic resin, sulfonated polymer, potash, limestone screening, vermiculite, plastic flakes, potassium carbonate, coke, limestone filler, mineral concentrates, bentonite, and phosphate rock. It is able to process materials with a particle size of approximately 1mm to 13mm.

The product uses fluidisation to remove moisture from the materials, which allows the system to handle temperature-sensitive materials, as well as to provide consistent drying performance. This makes it more cost-effective to run while also being easier to maintain.

Flash Dryer

Our Flash Dryer uses gas suspension drying technology as its method of heat transfer, which quickly processes materials without much economic output. It can process materials such as potash, phosphate, limestone fines, alumina, trona, clays, and talc, and can process 800 tonnes of feed per hour.

It is uncomplicated to operate, as it is quick to start up, as well as shut down. It also has high-efficiency cyclone equipment with a low-pressure drop, which results in low fuel and power consumption, making it both affordable and kind to the environment.

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