Key Benefits

  • Reliable performance
  • Safe and easy maintenance
  • Advanced automation

Optimise your crushing

Every mining project is different so we offer a full line of cone crushers that are customisable to meet your unique needs.

Our line of Raptor Cone Crushers is the most diverse product line on the market, including a broad range of sizes and features. For mining applications, we recommend the R500 to the R2500, though we also offer smaller crushers that are typically used in aggregates. We designed each model using industry feedback. You can be sure that no matter which model you need, the most common industry crushing concerns have been addressed to give you better results at a decreased cost.

Raptor® 500 cone crusher

  • Can accept up to 25% larger ores due to its 1.5 m (59.06 in) head diameter and ideal eccentric motion

  • Produces more material of the desired cubicity and graduation than other crushers of the same size

  • Flexible for multi-site crushing, with a maximum diameter of 3.75 m (148 in) and weight of 50,274 kg (110,833 lbs)

  • Rigid three-arm frame with integral countershaft box that reduces maintenance, improves reliability of the gear and pinion and simplifies backlash adjustments


Raptor 250, 350 and 450 models for aggregate sites or

smaller mining operations.  Processes more usable and
saleable aggregate per ton than competitive models in its class.

Raptor® 650

  • Large and robust with a rigid four-arm mainframe and integral countershaft
  • 1.5 m (59 in) head diameter
  • Active feed opening to create a better final product shape
  • Mechanically sound at lower eccentric speeds
  • Variable eccentric speed to maximise throughput, size reduction, product shape and product yield

Raptor® 900

Our R900 is the smallest of the cone crushers that we designed specifically for mining. It can handle the larger loads, common in the mining industry. This model has many advantages for its size.

  • Large and robust with a rigid four-arm mainframe and integral countershaft

  • 1.8 m (70 in) head diameter
  • Better crushing action throughout chamber than other crushers of the same size because of high pivot point and large crushing stroke
  • Improves throughput and accepts larger feed sizes


    raptor 900 crusher

    Raptor® 1100

    The R1100 has a spiral bevel gear instead of the skew teeth bevel gear that the R900. With easy access to load-carrying bearings.

    • More durable than other crushers of the same size, with a three-arm mainframe and integral countershaft  
    • Accepts coarse feeds, intermittent fees, high yields and high throughputs  
    • Nodular iron cast eccentric, providing high strength with excellent machinability and surface finish for bearing longevity

    Raptor® 1300

    Our R1300 model has all the same benefits and features and added advantage of significant eccentric throw and increased bowl travel.

    • Integral countershaft assembly that reduces maintenance and improves reliability of the gear and pinion

    • Spiral bevel gearing is durable and reliable, maximising resistance to wear and minimising gear noise

    • Tramp release and clearing cylinders provide both clamping pressure for crushing and clearing action for tramp events

    • Maximum throughput and horsepower because of increased throw and high pivot point

    Raptor® 2500

    Our largest Raptor model is robust and has a direct drive at 2500hp with a variable speed option.

    • Maximum capacity

    • Fail-safe hydraulics

    • Integral countershaft assembly

    • Enclosed counterweight assembly with replaceable non-contacting T/U seal arrangement

    • Ductile iron eccentric

    • Spiral bevel gearing

    • Double acting tramp release and clearing hydraulic cylinder

    • Easy access to critical load carrying bearings

    • Significant eccentric throw and high pivot point crushing actio  

    Increase productivity and reduce your costs

    Reliable: Rock Solid or We Crushed It!  No matter how you say it, we can handle your crushing performance

    Our Raptor cone crusher spare parts are designed to offer excellent performance with increased durability, smoother operation and reduced maintenance expenses. We keep your essential equipment running.


    Safe and easy maintenance

    Features such as mainframe inspection ports, cartridge countershaft boxes and our new socket-less design give you better access to the inside of your crusher. Now maintenance is safer and faster than ever. Our crushers are easy and quick to maintain. They let you develop a proactive maintenance strategy to prevent surprises and keep all equipment running longer.


    Advanced automation

    Our advanced overload sensing technology detects crushing force overload before it causes a problem. If desired, our revolutionary automation system can take the necessary corrective action. The same advanced automation system can be used to optimise crusher performance with feed control, setting adjustment, lubrication monitoring and hydraulic parameter monitoring. This improved efficiency can lower costs for your business.

    Technologically advanced crushing solutions

    Structural Integrity

    The critical load bearing components of the Raptor cone crushers meet specifications that typically exceed what is commonly offered in a conventional cone crusher. The major components are cast of high grade steel. The eccentric material selection provides greater certainty of a reliable surface finish over a long period of service.



    Our best-practice design gives you better access to the inside of the crusher. We provide features such as mainframe inspection ports, cartridge countershaft boxes and specially-designed tools.



    Productive and versatile, our cone crusher is readily mounted and easily transportable on a portable cone/screen chassis. Now your closed circuit plant can be as mobile as your needs.



    Meet your changing needs head-on with a cone crusher known for its flexibility. Our crushers are operating in some of the most demanding mineral processing applications worldwide.


    Security and Safety

    We use fail-safe hydraulics to protect the crusher from a mechanical overload in the event that an accumulator bladder fails. An internal relief valve within the tramp release cylinders provides immediate, alternate protection from severe and costly structural damage to the crusher. The crushing action rotates counterclockwise to prevent the machine from self-tightening the setting if the adjustment ring movement is excessive, the ring gear brake fails or the thread clamping fails.


    Superior bronze bearing technology

    Raptor cone crushers have highly tensile bronze sleeve bearings for all internal moving components that are load bearing or involved in load transmission. Our bronze technology uses a unique process to achieve uniform lead distribution, optimum concentricity and a structure free of pores. We custom-engineer our bushings to meet your specific application demands.

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