Key Benefits

  • Fast analysis
  • Analyse multiple streams and elements
  • Lower cost of ownership and easy maintenance
  • Full range of sampling equipment
  • Advanced technology

A fast, flexible slurry analysis system

We know good-quality slurry analysis is a cornerstone requirement for mineral processing plants. You need a slurry sampling system that is not only accurate but can be easily configured to suit your operations. Our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System is a technologically advanced, customisable solution for your plant.

How does it work? 


Our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System has been engineered to provide elemental concentrations on all process streams, from tailings to matte. It measures multiple elements simultaneously using a single and solid-state room-temperature operated Energy Dispersive XRF detector and digital spectroscopy system. The sample is excited by a low power air-cooled 50 kV x-ray tube, chosen for optimum excitation of the elements to be measured 


Our system replaces all other analysers and has been successfully implemented on a number of base metal concentrator applications, including copper, lead-zinc and molybdenum plants.  


Analyse multiple streams quickly 


We’ve made sure the control software and hardware of our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System is flexible enough to handle multiple streams. The normal configuration for practical sample transport is four to six streams with a single multiplexer but may be expanded to as many as twelve streams by adding a second multiplexer. Our system also comes with a high rate detector to rapidly analyse multiple streams, providing high-accuracy analyseat low concentrations 


Measuring times will vary depending on the process stream and the elemental concentrations and can typically range from 15 to 90 seconds. It can process an unlimited number of elements per stream and provides detection and warning of sample flow problems. 


Compatible with a full range of sampling equipment 


We offer a full line of primary and secondary slurry samplers, sample handling equipment and accessories for our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System. These include the range of Essa® slurry samplers, multiplexers, composite samplers, calibration samplers, de-multiplexers and vacuum batch filters. 

Rapid EDXRF analysis of multiple streams

We’ve designed our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System to suit the needs of a modern mineral processing plant. With our system you’ll have access to fast elemental analysis from multiple streams.

Fast analysis
Our system comes with a high rate detector capable of providing highly accurate analysis of low concentrations of slurry quickly. 
Analyse multiple streams
With a single multiplexer, our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System analyses up to six streams. However, you’ll be able to double the workload by adding a second multiplexer to analyse up to 12 streams.
Lower cost of ownership
Our system has been designed for maximum performance and minimal maintenance, which adds up to a lower cost of ownership. The x-ray tube for the excitation of elements operates at well below the rated power so the lifetime of the tube is maximised. The detector is a high rate Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) that offers high resolution and performance, and a long life. The element channels are freely configurable in software – there is no hidden cost for changing or adding element channels later. Sample windows are easily replaceable, the stainless-steel enclosure and cooling system resists corrosion and can be easily washed down, and the thermoelectric cooling system requires minimal maintenance. 
Full range of sampling equipment 
We have decades of experience working with slurry sampling equipment and we can offer you a full range of accessories to fit with our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System. 
Advanced technology
The system utilises a solid-state Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) detector to provide accurate, reliable and cost-efficient information for plant control. The unit does not require liquid nitrogen for detector cooling. It incorporates a low power x-ray tube – no radio-isotopes are required.  

Advanced slurry analysis tools 

Our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System is equipped with a number of high-tech features to ensure your operations will have access to accurate results quickly.

Solid state x-ray detector
Our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System uses a low-power, air-cooled 50W, x-ray tube and a peltier-cooled solid-state x-ray detector. Cooling water for the x-ray tube and liquid nitrogen for the x-ray detector are not required. 
High rate detector
We’ve built our system with a high rate detector that can provide highly accurate analysis of low concentrations of slurry, often in less than a minute per stream. This detector can also be combined with two multiplexers and a fast multiplexer switching valve option to become the fastest and highest accuracy system offered by us. 
Dedicated local display
Our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System includes a unique user interface that displays measured x-ray spectra assays and status on a large colour touch-screen panel for operation of the analyser and associated sample handling equipment. The on-board analyser server connects to plant information networks via standard Ethernet cables and there is rack space to add a media converter to interface to plant network fibre optic media. Our system can also be remotely controlled and services via networked or dial-up connections. 
Seamless control
Our system includes the necessary hardware and software for control of the connected sample handling equipment, x-ray fluorescence analysis of the sample, and discharge of the sample from the sample cell. This seamless control ensures rapid sampling processing and results. 
Customisable and shipped installation-ready

Our PERI Online Slurry Analysis System is shipped complete, pre-assembled and tested, ready for immediate installation and commissioning and to ensure minimal downtime and interruption. It can be customised to suit your setting, with customisation typically including the tailoring of interactive display screens to operate the analyser and samplers/sampling sequence.

Our team remain available to support you onsite at the time of delivery, and to supervise the installation, commissioning, and calibration process. We can train your personnel in our systems and our follow-up site visits ensure systems are property maintained and integrated. Remote off-site support is also available. 

Focused on safety
Operator safety and general safety in your setting are a priority with our PERI online slurry analysis system. Quarter-inch stainless-steel housing prevents x-ray leakage, hardwired interlocks for the sample door and maintenance access prevent accidental opening while the system is functioning, plus enclosure, detector and x-ray temperature sensors as well as x-ray on/off lamp failure detection keep operators safe. 

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