Key Benefits

  • Advanced automation
  • Reliable performance
  • Safe and Easy maintenance

Cone crushers MADE for aggregates

We recognize that aggregate applications have unique needs. We offer a full line of cone crushers that are designed for you.

Our line of Raptor Cone Crushers is the most diverse product line on the market, including a broad range of sizes and features. For aggregate applications, we recommend the Raptor R250 to the R450, though we also offer larger raptor crushers that are typically used in mining or larger aggregate sites. No matter which model you need, you can be confident that we have engineered it to meet the most common industry concerns to give you better results.


Our newest models to join the Raptor family are R250, R350 and R450, which were specifically designed for the aggregates industry. With an integrated user-friendly control system, these configurable, safe crushers are suitable for even your toughest aggregate applications. 

Save money with increased productivity

Advanced automation

We provide an advanced overloading sensing technology to monitor the crushing force and detect overloads. The system gives you the option of allowing it to automatically correct the overload.


The same advanced automation system can be used to optimise crusher performance with feed control, setting adjustment, lubrication monitoring and hydraulic parameter monitoring. This improved efficiency can lower costs for your business.

Reliable performance
Our cone crushers reduce your maintenance time and increase production. We created our designs with input from maintenance personnel and plant operations, and then field tested the equipment for further refinement.
Safe and easy maintenance

Traditionally, cone crusher maintenance was difficult and sometimes dangerous. One of our key goals in creating our new line of cone crushers was to make maintenance safer and easier than before. Features such as mainframe inspection ports, cartridge countershaft boxes and backing material free liners give you better access to the inside of your crusher.

Watch how parts are crushed in a cone crusher and how the tramp cylinders work in case of an overload.

Field-proven aggregate crushing solutions

Our aggregate line of crushers have slower speed ratios to give you greater flexibility in production. All aggregate models are smart cone crushers with an advanced control system.

Raptor® 250

  • Durable, low-profile design that can be fitted onto a portable chassis
  • Inverted tramp release cylinders for cleaner hydraulics
  • Integrated CSB
  • Single head bushing for easier maintenance and reduced operating costs

Raptor® 350

  • Generates chips quickly and easily in high-stress applications with high force
  • Hydraulics with bypass release to protect the crusher from mechanical overload and protect the hydraulic cylinders from failures in the accumulator bladder
  • Mobile closed circuit plant
  • Easily mounted and transported on a portable cone/screen chassis

Raptor® 450

  • Ideal as a secondary crusher after a jaw crusher or tertiary crusher for aggregate, asphalt or concrete products
  • Gives more usable aggregate per ton processed than competitive models in its class
  • Can accept up to 25% larger ores due to its 1.3 m (52 in) head diameter, large feed opening, high-pivot-point crushing action and wide crushing stroke

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