Key Benefits

  • Superior durability & field proven reliability
  • Simple installation and alignment
  • Wide range of operational flexibility

Effectively liberate precious minerals or wash clays/fines with a Rotary Scrubber

Get the right scrubber to suit your needs. With supplied scrubber diameters up to 7.33m, we have a well established range of scrubbers to suit all applications.

We have the ability to custom design our solutions to suit your application - whether it’s washing of clays, deagglomeration of fines, or autogenous grinding for liberation of precious minerals.


You need dependability, and with our products that comes standard. Our Rotary Scrubbers feature field-proven robust designs to operate in the most remote regions of the world. Support bearings are of a heavy duty shell-supported design. Additionally, traditional mining duty gear-driven drive trains provide exceptional durability and effective transmission over a wider speed range than tire driven designs enabling you to fine tune scrubbing intensity for the application.

Rotary Scrubbers - your durable, field-proven grinding solution

Superior durability
Get a product with theoretically infinite life. Our Rotary Scrubbers are built to last, with a bearing designed to keep your operation running without stops.
Simple installation and alignment
You will find the fully-fabricated, flat-based bearing pedestal is easy to install and quick to align.
Field-proven reliability

Withstand the test of time. Our Rotary Scrubbers have been installed in even the most remote locations, continually providing proven reliability through dependable design.

Durable and proven Rotary Scrubbers

Shell-supported Rotary Scrubber features

  • Heavy duty, robust designs (versus tired-mounted solutions)
  • Cost effective (simple shell structure vs cast heads)
  • Able to operate across a wide (and higher) speed range
  • Bearing design with theoretical infinite life
  • Simple low pressure, self-aligning main bearings
  • Large feed & (adjustable) discharge openings
  • Smaller units can be have skid mounted drive systems

Slipper pad bearing design

Simple bearing configuration for shell-supported scrubbers includes:

  • Two (2) to four (4) babbitted bearing pads
  • Low-pressure, hydrodynamic operation
  • High-pressure (hydrostatic) lift during start-up and shutdown

Bearing housing & seals

  • Easy to install and quick to align

KREBS® Quick Release™ system for pump rebuilds

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