Key Benefits

  • Improved recovery
  • Higher grade product
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Reduced use of reagents
  • Better control

Get the most out of froth recovery with our Froth Recovery Package

Often, before you can put your valuable ore to good use for your business, you need to separate it out from the waste material. And in many cases, the answer is froth flotation. However, froth flotation is not an exact science, and small-yet-numerous particles of valuable ore may be getting thrown out with the tails. These can add up, accounting for a significant loss in potential revenue. Our Froth Recovery Package offers a solution that not only improves froth recovery, but also saves overall costs.


The Froth Recovery Package enables you to better control the froth phase, which in turn improves the performance of the flotation cell. The addition of the radial froth crowders adds a new dimension to the control strategy. It allows you to shift the grade recovery curve by allowing either deeper froth or faster froth removal.

Froth Recovery Package ensures optimal recovery and reduced cost

Improved recovery

Get more product through higher recovery.

Higher grade product

Deliver the grade requirement more easily with a cleaner product.

Enhanced flexibility

Achieve higher throughput at the same performance.

Reduced use of reagents

Lower the amount of reagents to save costs.

Better control

Get better reaction to feed fluctuations, and reduce the WEMCO wave through added crowders.

Proven technology from experienced Froth Recovery Package manufacturer


Actuators control the position of the dart valve inside the flotation cells

Level sensor

Featuring a new robust design with no moving parts that accurately senses slurry level, the Level Sensor is one of the most accurate on the market

Radial Froth Crowders

Designed for greater flexibility and control, radial froth crowders reduce top-of-froth surface area and increase froth movement to the nearest radial launder



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