Productivity solutions for premium processing and materials handling

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Transforming your challenges into benefits in the food and pharmaceutical industries


The food and pharmaceutical industries are characterised by high standards and requirements on accuracy, quality and purity. Furthermore, as trends and demand in both the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry are changing rapidly, businesses and operations need to adapt to stay ahead.


To stay competitive, a new and increased focus on innovation, productivity and sustainability is required.



A wide range of innovative solutions

Our products and solutions are used for many different operations in the food and pharmaceutical industries. From corn milling, starch production and fermentation, over palm oil and organic acids processing, to sugar, sweeteners, pectins and vitamins manufacturing, we help you reach new levels of productivity.


Backed by our vast experience with developing and manufacturing processing equipment across industries with operational similarities, we provide premium food and pharmaceutical industry solutions.


Our expertise in premium processing equipment is founded on these elements:

• Grinding

• Classification

• Filtration

• Screening

• Thickening


We continuously develop new and innovative technologies that enhance the quality of the final product. One of them, the Pneumpress® Technology preserves the crystal shape, avoiding mechanical squeezing and using only pressurized air or inert gases.


Another innovation breakthrough is our proprietary Indexing Belt Filter™ technology, which was developed entirely in-house. Our products utilising Indexing Belt Filter™ technology have replaced centrifuges in various pharmaceutical operations due to superior washing efficiency and reduced capital and operating costs.


In short, our offerings utilise a unique blend of proven and new technologies, giving you a range of benefits from productivity to equipment longevity.



Productivity and sustainability

All of our innovations and developments are intended to deliver enhanced productivity to your operations through enhanced efficiency, durability, ease of maintenance, high compatibility and low cost per processed quantity unit.


Additionally, we always strive to make our solutions the most environmentally sustainable on the market in regards to low energy consumption, reduced emissions and the smallest possible life-cycle carbon footprint.



Support and maintenance

We ensure industry-leading customer service through our presence in more than 50 countries around the world. For you, this means that assistance for equipment, solutions, analysis, maintenance and service is always close at hand.


Regardless of your needs and challenges, our local representatives will guide you toward the best solutions for high productivity and low TCO.

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