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Mining feeders for productive processing

Today’s mines often run automatically, with longer hours and fewer personnel, and they require equipment that can reliably handle material day in and day out.

As an interface between mining trucks and the processing system, feeders provide steady, controlled feed for downstream processing – improving production and allowing for more predictable maintenance of processing equipment. From Apron Feeders, to Belt Feeders to Chair-style, Hybrid and Dozer Traps, our feeders can be placed at any point in a material handling set-up, before or after a primary crusher.

In control

We have engineered our feeders to easily handle high-impact feeds of heavy, coarse and sharp materials from trucks, surge piles, bins and hoppers – as they provide a controlled flow of the material to the next stage in the process. Feeders also can deliver volumetrically regulated feed and even metering to prevent material flooding.

Robust and reliable

We provide high-strength, heavy-duty feeders that offer excellent protection against the introduction of material with sharp, abrasive and hard edges, such as run-of-mine material that is tipped directly from mining trucks or continuous surface mining equipment. They are ideal for accepting mined material into a conveying system prior to any crushing or sizing.

Adjustable feed

Feeders supply material to the processing equipment at a controlled, yet adjustable rate. Many feeder types offer with intermittent on/off capabilities to compensate for irregular incoming material flow.

The results? Better throughput, higher production, lower maintenance, longer life, reduced operational costs and greater profits.

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