Key Benefits

  • Multi-fuel capacity
  • Compact
  • Lower emissions
  • More affordable

Burners that offer more productivity with a multichannel system

When using a rotary kiln, we understand how integral it is to have a kiln burner that optimises fuel combustion. Because of this, we have produced the Uniflow Burner, a highly effective thermal processing system that has a low environmental impact.

It is a two-channel burner, meaning that fuel is placed into one channel, while the other channel is filled with primary air. By having only two channels, the burner is more compact and can be used with smaller kilns. The applications it can be used for include; lime reburning, pet-coke calcination, vanadium roasting, and lithium processing.

Our burner offers a unique feature where both the axial and radial air can be varied as either an individual component or combined component, controlling the swirl action. More swirl action gives a larger recirculation zone resulting in shorter, wider and steadier flame. Less swirl action provides a long and relatively thin flame. This allows you to configure the flame to suit your needs.

FeNi Burner

Our FeNi Burner is a variant of the Uniflow Burner, as it has a third channel in which secondary air is processed. This makes it a less compact machine, but despite this downside, it is able to produce more complete combustion of fuels.

These two burners aim to amplify your rotary kiln experience. Whatever your needs are, these two machines are able to meet them.

The Uniflow Burner offers versatility and a lighter footprint

When using our Uniflow Burner, you’ll reap many advantages. We have designed this product to be accessible and kinder to the environment, all of which are important requirements that must be met by today’s mining industry.

Multi-fuel capacity

Our Uniflow Burner is versatile when it comes to the fuels it is able to fire. These include both rich fuels like natural gas, oil and more, and alternative fuels such as methanol, turpentine, hydrogen, tall oil, and others. This doesn’t only make the product more flexible, but also means that it has a smaller environmental footprint.


The Uniflow Burner is small and compact, meaning that it can fit into any existing refinery with ease. It also means that it is more accessible, making it much simpler to maintain.

Lower emissions

The Uniflow Burner has a feature called ‘fuel staging’, where the central duct on which all the fuels are being placed can be pulled back to perform delayed combustion. This reduces the amount of nitrogen oxide that is produced and released into the atmosphere, lowering emissions.

More affordable

The Uniflow Burner has low air requirements, reducing the power consumption of the primary air blower. This lowers fuel and power costs, making the system economically efficient.

Features for easy configuration and safety

The features that come with our Uniflow Burner are designed to optimise the process. It aims to provide you with a safe experience that can be adjusted to suit your refinery’s needs.

Safety indicators

Our Uniflow Burners come with numerous safety features, such as thermocouples on outer pipe and autoignition and flame safeguard systems. They monitor air temperatures and can sense premature burner pipe failure. It has also been made so that all safety locks comply with either US or EN regulations.

Adjustable air ratio

The axial to radial air ratio can be adjusted during operation — this aids in flame stabilisation and flame shape, giving you a more tailored experience.

Configurable trolley

A trolley is provided with the burner to make moving the burner easier. The burner can be configured either horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs. It also has a roller chain that can be used to move the entire burner back and forth during operation/maintanance.

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