The premier hydrocyclone and slurry characterisation testing centre


Quality hydrocyclone testing and slurry characterisation data is the cornerstone of proper plant design and optimisation. As a leading supplier of mining and industrial hydrocyclones, that’s a fact no one appreciates more than we do here at FLS. Ensuring you have that data is the job of our world-class testing services team. 


Our laboratory is fully equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment and instrumentation, allowing our experts to provide a comprehensive range of hydrocyclone and slurry characterisation testing services. Delivering rapid turnaround, quality results, and accurate data, we help ensure successful hydrocyclone implementation and operation in your unique application conditions.  

Hydrocyclone testing

Our hydrocyclone testing service is offered for cyclone sizes between ½” and 26” and comprises:  


  • Sample preparation and cyclone assembly
  • Sampling and flow rate measurement
  • Sample analysis: three samples/tests (screen, % solids, and Malvern) (feed, overflow and, underflow)
  • Data analysis and report
Slurry characterisation testing

We offer the following screening tests

  • Settling vs time in a graduated cylinder
  • Settling/compaction vs time in a centrifuge
  • Slurry viscosity
  • Slurry specific gravity (SG) with hydrometer
  • Dry solids SG
  • Supernatant viscosity
  • Supernatant SG with hydrometer or pycnometer
  • Supernatant total dissolved solids
  • Supernatant pH
  • Tramp oversize solids


For liquid/liquid samples

  • Settling vs time in graduated cylinder
  • Separation vs shear by blender
  • Separation by centrifugation
  • Photographs
  • Photomicrographs


We also offer particle size distribution (PSD) and percent solids testing services comprising

  • Wet screen at 75 µm (200 M) 
  • Dry and weigh -75 µm fraction
  • Dry screen + 75 µm fraction
  • Wet screen +75 µm fraction (optional)
  • Malvern PSD on -75 µm fraction
Additional testing services

In addition to hydrocyclone and slurry characterisation testing, we offer a range of additional tests including:  

Pressure change

  • Three samples per change in pressure feed, overflow and, underflow)
  • Flow rate measurement


Cyclone configuration change

  • Three samples per configuration feed, overflow and, underflow).
  • Flow rate measurement
  • Includes fittings or cyclone change
  • Two stage test (offered for up to 10” cyclones) 
  • Heated slurry (up to 140°F and 200 gallon capacity)

Onsite services 

Our technical staff includes some of the most experienced names in the business. There’s not much they haven’t seen when it comes to hydrocyclone operation. Nor are they afraid to don their hard hats and get their safety boots muddy onsite with you. When it comes to commissioning, optimising, troubleshooting, training – or any other assistance you may require – our team will be in the field with you. We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure success. 


We also offer onsite testing using our specialised test rigs, sending out test or rental units to ensure a smooth testing process at your location.

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