Key Benefits

  • Low operation cost
  • High capacity
  • Superior flexibility
  • Excellent filtrate clarity
  • Effective cake washing

Sophisticated and efficient Vacuum Drum Filter

Dewatering and filtering can be a long process full of inefficiencies and multiple stages. Optimising your processes starts with the right equipment. The solutions we offer are aimed at providing sustainable productivity for today’s fast-paced environment. We’ve developed and sold drum filters for over 100 years and provided equipment for solid/liquid separation all across the globe.


In addition to a ruggedly dependable product, we offer extensive process know-how and support. We are not just a supplier. Rather, we are your true partner in productivity enhancement. Rely on over a century of expertise and success in installation across the globe. We bring sustainable productivity to you as our top priority.


High performance dewatering and filtration

Low operation cost

Easy to operate with simple control features and very little maintenance required, the cost to operate stays low.

High capacity
Consistently high production and maximum filtering capacity mean lots of productivity per unit area.
Superior flexibility
Easily adjust the frequency controlled drives to accommodate varying feed conditions.
Excellent filtrate clarity

Drum filters often produce solids as low as 100 PPM. Pre-coat designs can achieve concentrations of 10 PPM or less.


Effective cake washing
Create highly pure valuable product with effective cake washing.

Our Drum Filter technology is proven and used across the globe

Our Drum Filter has high capacity, and runs very efficiently to create excellent filtrate clarity and effectively wash cakes.


The drum filter’s basic operating principle is easy. Everything happens during one revolution of the drum: with filter cake forming, cake drying, filtrate discharge and cake discharge for continuous production. The filtration area on the drum surface is divided into separate cells, connected by individual pipes to a vacuum system.


Filtrate piping can be arranged outside or inside of the drum. The drum deck, equipped with replaceable filter grids, supports the filter medium (cloth made from fabric or metal). A vacuum pump provides the necessary gas stream to accomplish dewatering. The vacuum sucks the liquor through the filter medium and forms a filter cake out of the solids, contained in the feed slurry. The drum can be operated at various speeds to control cake thickness. The time available for the various filtration steps (cake filtration, washing, air drying) can be adjusted via the filter control valve. Slurry is continuously fed into the filter vat and an adjustable overflow weir controls the liquid level.


For efficient operation of the filter, the vat is equipped with an agitator to prevent solids from settling. Cake discharge takes place on the descending side of the drum. Various kinds of discharge devices can be used.

Special Drum Filter designs

  • Vacuum Rotary Drum Filter
  • Red Mud Filter for Alumina Industry
  • ATEX-Filter

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