Key Benefits

  • Minimal pegging and blinding
  • Superior efficiency in media recovery
  • High wear resistance
  • Maintains effective deck open area

LUDODECK XIF Apertures – an advanced screening solution

You need screens with a high effective open area that depeg in service and remain open. Our LUDODECK XIF screens are the most advanced and efficient polyurethane screen panels in the world today for fine screening of wet products.

Compare our FLSmidth XIF™ screen panels to competitor's

How certain are you that your screens are as effective as they could be? Making the change to LUDODECK® XIF™ apertures substantially reduces pegging and downtime to save money.  We understand that no single screen solution is right for all circumstances—get the optimisation service that you need to get the most from your screens. Watch our video or look over the case study for yourself, then contact us to learn how your own screening process can be improved.

In many fine screening applications, the size and shape of the particles causes pegging and blinding, ultimately causing fines, slurry and water to report to the overflowLUDODECK XIF Apertures were created especially for these fine aperture applications. These patented screen panels are designed using a combination of cross and in-flow apertures, allowing a closer placement of the apertures. This allows for an open area up to 30% higher than in other polyurethane screens, which increases throughput in your screening operation while reducing pegging and blinding.


Built to be hard-wearing and to withstand difficult conditions, XIF Apertures last longer than traditional screen panels.  This means that you’ll be able to avoid costly unplanned downtime to replace screens.We shattered the old adage that more open area shortens the service life because our XIF outlasts expectations.



Multiple applications

Our LUDODECK XIF Apertures series is suited to a wide range of small particle applications within the mining sector, including:

  • Dewatering
  • Hard rock mining
  • Civil aggregate
  • Coal processing
  • Fine sizing
  • Drain and rinse screening
  • Carbon screening

A more efficient, longer-lasting polyurethane screen

Efficiency and throughput in screening are key to your operation’s success. That’s why you need LUDODECK XIF Apertures. They are designed to lift throughput while reducing maintenance costs. It’s the most efficient polyurethane screen on the market.

Minimal pegging and blinding
Lower your maintenance costs and downtime. LUDODECK XIF Apertures offer a significantly higher open area than other screen formats, which reduces pegging and blinding.
Superior efficiency in media recovery
The higher open area of our screens increases throughput in your operations and gives youmore efficient media recovery. The result is a superior performance, even while you are reducing costs.
High wear resistance

Our screens last longer and minimise shut downs because we’ve designed XIF Apertures to be as hard-wearing as possible.

Customisable apertures, backed by FLSmidth expertise

Multiple configurations

LUDODECK XIF Apertures are available with all our standard modular clip systems and come in the following configurations:

  • Aperture sizes in 0.5 mm, 0.63 mm, 0.75 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.4 mm, 2.5 mm or 3.0 mm
  • Standard dimensions of 305 mm x 305 mm (1 ft x 1 ft) or 610 mm x 305 mm (2 ft x 1 ft)

FLSmidth support

The XIF Aperture is backed up by our experienced engineering and technical support team. We’re here to help you incorporate this technology into your applications.

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