Key Benefits

  • Uniquely high thermal efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Flexible temperature levels and profiles

The hottest shaft kiln on the market

This sintering kiln is designed to achieve the high product quality the refractory industry demands, while also having the flexibility to cope with a wide range of raw materials, thermal profiles and temperature levels. The focus on thermal efficiency has made this a cost-efficient and environmentally responsible choice for refractory manufacturers.

Our High-Temperature Shaft Kiln sets the benchmark in the refractory industry.

By utilising the preheated air as secondary air, which has previously been used for cooling the product at the discharge end of the kiln, we ensure that very little heat is lost in the process – and achieve superior thermal efficiency.

Furthermore, thanks to the vertical kiln’s high flexibility, it can handle the complex and very specific requirements of the industry, ensuring you achieve the desired product quality, whatever raw materials are in the mix.

The High-Temperature Shaft Kiln is suitable for calcifying magnesite, dolomite, limestone, kaolin and bauxite. In addition, the direct sintering of natural magnesite, dolomite and kaolin is possible. Finally, our temperature shaft kiln is able to sinter already calcined materials, such as magnesia, dolime, alumina and spinel. We’re able to process such a variety of raw materials thanks to the high temperatures – up to 2300˚C – that the kiln achieves.

The kiln can burn both liquid and gaseous fuel, offering a degree of flexibility that benefits both maintenance and operating costs.

Proven design, highest temperatures and best product qualities

Your end users require refractory they can depend on to protect their assets. The high temperatures of this shaft kiln enable the product quality you need to deliver on those expectations, while the high thermal efficiency keeps costs low.

Benefits of our High-Temperature Shaft Kiln

  • Uniquely high thermal efficiency
  • High flexibility regarding temperature levels and profiles for highest product quality
  • Operation at up to 2300˚C
  • Suitable for liquid and gaseous fuels, including low calorific gas
  • Low maintenance and operating costs

Low cost, high temperature sintering

Our High-Temperature Shaft Kiln has been designed in cooperation with the refractory industry to ensure the kiln meets the industry’s specific requirements in terms of applications and quality.

The kiln is fed with lumpy raw material (crushed, briquetted or pelletised), which is sintered at extremely high temperatures in the counterflow to the combustion gases. To obtain these high temperatures, preheated air, which has previously been supplied for cooling the product at the discharge end of the kiln, is used as secondary air. To ensure optimal temperature distribution, the fuel is injected via radially arranged burner lances that reach into the bed of material.

A variable-speed discharge mechanism controls the quantity of product discharged from the kiln.

These features enable the highest flexibility, allowing you to adjust to varying specifications for product quality as well as the temperature profile of the feed material.

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