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Save energy costs, reduce downtime, make informed operational decisions

The success or otherwise of your business is so often dependent on things outside of your control – global and local demand, currency fluctuations, economic conditions – but your best chance of prosperity will always come from running the smartest, most efficient operation possible. Greater productivity is the most reliable path to greater profitability and no business today can afford to be blasé about their operations.  That’s where our Process Management systems can help you.

We’ve designed a series of technologically advanced tools to help you lift the performance of your operations by preventing unplanned downtime, monitoring and reducing energy usage and managing your assets efficiently. Our software will help give you an edge over your competitors and help guard your operations against future industry headwinds.



Industrial businesses waste billions of dollars a year on unplanned downtime. Understanding what has caused your equipment to fail will help you to take the steps needed to prevent it happening in the future. That’s where ECS/UptimeGo comes in. With our software you’ll have an easy-to-use tool to discover and fix the root cause of downtime events so you can improve your equipment utilisation rates and boost your productivity.



Electricity and fuel prices are a huge burden for cement and minerals businesses and every dollar saved on energy is a dollar that can be invested elsewhere in your business.

EnerSentry helps you and your staff better monitor energy use and drive down costs. It’s an advanced piece of technology that gathers data from a wide range of energy devices and automation systems and transfers it into clear and actionable information that is specific to your plant and company.



We’ve built our management information system to help our customers boost their productivity and profits. With our software, your key staff will be able to access all the process and quality information about your operations via a user-friendly set up. You’ll be able to easily customise it to the needs of your business so you and your staff have the information they need about your operations to make smarter decisions to boost your performance.

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