Key Benefits

  • Durable
  • Easy operation
  • High efficiency

The world’s largest Coarse Coal Centrifuge 

It’s vital as much water is removed from your coal feed as possible to avoid contract penalties, reduce transportation and storage costs, reduce safety risks, increase thermal efficiency and, as a result, improve your bottom line. Our Coarse Coal Centrifuge range are horizontal vibrating-basket style machines that use centrifugal force to separate surface water from coal.

They can treat material from -50mm to +0.5mm. They can also decrease feed moisture down from 18–25% to produce surface moisture of the product to be as low as 2–9%, depending on the particle size distribution of feed material and coal type.

With six different models, including the world’s largest capacity Coarse Coal Centrifuge, there’s sure to be one to suit your operations:

• VM600 – 20 tonnes per hour with a 600mm basket.

• VM1100 – 150 tonnes per hour with a 1100mm basket.

• VM1300 – 250 tonnes per hour with a 1300mm basket.

• VM1400 – 300 tonnes per hour with a 1400mm basket.

• VM1500 – 350 tonnes per hour with a 1500mm basket.

• VM1650 – 410 tonnes per hour with a 1650mm basket.

Once coal has been separated and cleaned, it’s important that it’s sufficiently dewatered before stockpiling or despatch. The easily removed water is firstly removed by a drainage screen and the screen discharge is sent into the feed chute of the centrifuge.

The Coarse Coal Centrifuge can accept feed from a range of sources including a dense medium cyclone product screen, sievebend and static screen. The centrifuge is equipped with a slightly conical screen basket, which is open at the larger diameter. The basket rotates around its horizontal axis and, at the same time, dual external counter rotating vibration motors produce a highly controlled rapid vibration stroke in the basket.

The feed is pressed to the inner side of the basket by centrifugal force and the vibration stroke moves the solids a small distance down the basket with each pulse, until they finally discharge as dry product. During this process, surface water is removed from the particles and forced through apertures in the basket. The Coarse Coal Centrifuges are largely used on coal mines, but their diversity and adaptability also mean they can dewater a range of other products including salt, granulated slag and fertiliser.

The most efficient coal dewatering system


Built to last, our Coarse Coal Centrifuges are still in operation after an impressive 16 years. To ensure our machines are the most durable on the market, we apply protective material to minimize wear from high impact solids and high velocity water streams.


  • We line the effluent chamber (outside basket) with wear-resist ceramic
  • We line the steel feed chute and product discharge chute with alumina ceramic tiles
  • We manufacture the profile wires of the basket from stainless steel
  • We use polyurethane doors
  • We prevent damage to the structure by using tuned rubbers to minimize the energy entering the structure from the vibration required to remove the dried coal from the basket.


Easy operation

Using the most advanced technology, the Coarse Coal Centrifuge machines have extra features and benefits to make them safe and easy to use:


  • The feed chute is mounted on the door and swings away to allow personnel to quickly access the basket for maintenance or replacement.
  • External vibration motors make vibration adjustment quick and predictable.
  • A removal mandrel makes changing buckets safe, quick and easy.
  • The motor lubrication system has bolt-on/off components and assembly including the motor, pump, strainer, slow switch, and filter with a visual inspection.
  • An inspection door allows sample to be easily accessed without interrupting production.
  • The safety platform allows safe and easy basket removal.


High efficiency

With the world’s largest capacity Coarse Coal Centrifuge, processing 410 tonnes per hour, our centrifuge machines are the most efficient on the market.

Increase productivity further by customising your wedge wire basket and adjusting the machine to process a variety of size ranges. The machine can self-adjust to fluctuations in the feed, meaning less operator intervention and fewer blockages.

Continuous operation and the ability to provide a consistent residual moisture makes for the most cost-efficient way to dewater coal.

See what the world’s most efficient centrifuges can achieve 

     VM600    VM1100    VM1300    VM1400    VM1500    VM1650
Nominal Capacity (tph)*    20    150    250    300    350    410
Diameter of basket (mm)    600    1100    1300    1400    1500    1650
Basket angle    15    13    13    15    15    15
Basket aperture (mm)  0.4/0.5   0.4/0.5   0.4/0.5   0.4/0.5   0.4/0.5   0.4/0.5
Main drive motor (kW)    7.5    30    37    45    75    75
Vibrator (2x) Motors (kW)    1.1    3.0    3.0    3.0    5.5    5.5
Oil pump motor    N/A    N/A    N/A    N/A    N/A    N/A
Weight of centrifuge    1.6    6.8    8    8.1    12    12.5

*Depending on particle size


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