Key Benefits

  • Most experienced Mine Shaft Hoist supplier
  • Diverse, customisable hoist designs
  • Unique and improved systems for brake control

Mine Shaft Hoists from an experienced hoisting system supplier

Your operation requires Mine Shaft Hoists that are safe and stand the test of time. We’re here to help you in your search for superior hoisting technology. At FLSmidth, we set the industry standard for hoisting systems.

100+  years
For over a century, we've been honing our craft of installing hoisting systems to perfection.
500+ systems
More than 500 shaft systems installed across the world - meeting your unique needs.
3,150 meters
The first company to successfully design and deliver a hoist with a winding depth of 3,150 meters.

Hoists engineered for endurance and customizable to your needs

Your operation is unique, so you need unique solutions. When it comes to supplying the ideal hoisting system for our clients, we provide many options for each component of the hoisting system. We also design and create hoists for specialised applications, such as stage hoists for shaft sinking operations.

Our hoists can be made with drum diameters less than 1.0 meter and up to more than 6.0 meters. This can be done with a double or single drum configuration. FLSmidth hoists can also have dual clutched drums. Since drums undergo recurring heavy loads that cause severe strain, our drums are designed in strict accordance with the international standards for fatigue design. The hoist’s drive can also be configured for geared, direct drive with overhung motors and Integral. AC Induction, AC Synchronous and DC motors are all available through a supplier.

Smart solutions for reliable & cost-effective product design

To control the costs of reliable products, we use a “designed for manufacture” concept. We partner with our global network to provide high-quality materials. Customised designs are available to meet the unique requirements and preferences of clients, but this often comes at a premium cost. We reduce these costs by making customised designs using standard components such as bearings and clutches.   

FLSmidth provides three kinds of hoisting systems: Koepe Hoists, Drum Hoists, and Blair Multi-Rope (BMR) Hoists. We also offer Brake Control Systems.

Koepe Hoists

Koepe hoists have a lighter construction with a single-drum and lower installed power requirements. This means they are often the wise price decision because capital costs are relatively low compared to drum hoists. It is important to keep up with rope maintenance and replacement of a Koepe hoist. If dealing with large loads, the number of head ropes can be increased to accommodate large payloads.

It is not typically ideal to use a Koepe hoist for depths of wind greater than 1800 m.

Drum Hoists

Drum hoists are the most commonly used hoist system. Multi-layer coiling a double drum hoist allows for wind greater than 3000 metres.

Blair Multi-Rope (BMR) Hoists

BMR hoists have a much larger load capacity than drum hoists. The BMR hoisting system does require wide drums. This means that it can be difficult when it comes to Fleet angle control. When this is the case there are multiple solutions that FLSmidth is familiar with employing. It’s necessary to take precautions in case of emergency braking.

Brake Control Systems

Brake Control Systems are non-negotiable for hoisting systems. FLSmidth has developed our own Escort and Closed-Loop Brake Control Systems which increases repeatable control accuracy and decreases the brake’s response time. Emergency braking is especially difficult in the case of single drum hoists. However, our extensive experience in all cases means consistently designed, dependable Brake Control Systems. Most current hoists should use a disc braking system which keeps the rope taut while being loaded and protects against thermal loading.

The hoisting system is the heart of underground mines

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Get customisable, innovative systems from an experienced supplier

Most experienced mine shaft hoist supplier
FLSmidth Mine Shaft Systems has over 100 years of design and installation experience, having installed over 500 hoist systems.

We have both designed and manufactured more Blair Multi-Rope hoists than any other hoist supplier. We are also the first company to successfully design and deliver a hoist with a winding depth of 3150 meters.
Diverse, customisable hoist designs
We provide three kinds of hoisting systems: Koepe Hoists, Drum Hoists, and Blair Multi-Rope (BMR) Hoists. Within each of these systems there are multiple options for drive, motor, and brake control systems. We are also capable of creating a unique designs for your specific needs.
Unique and improved systems for brake control
We have developed our own Escort and Closed-Loop Brake Control Systems, which increases repeatable control accuracy and decreases the brake’s response time.

Technology that delivers the industry's most advanced hoisting systems

You need Mine Shaft Hoists with features that stand out above the competition.

We have the technology necessary to provide competitive hoisting systems. More specifically, we have even pioneered many technologies to make our hoisting systems rise above other designs. Our in-house finite element analysis (FEA) facilities completely analyse and model all geometric details. This gives our systems the durable and reliable reputation they have. This durability has been proven time and again using field strain gauge testing.

After observing the need to reduce dynamic rope loads when emergency braking was necessary, we developed our own improved hydraulic systems for Closed-Loop brake control. In addition, we moved ahead developing a system for Escort brake control. These improved systems result in a faster response time and increased repeatable control accuracy. These improvements have also led to reduced peak rope loads allowing for deep shaft hoisting.

We are the leading supplier of the Blair multi-rope hoisting system. The BMR hoist was invented in 1957 and was a significant improvement to hoisting systems. The invention of the BMR hoist began with Robert Blair’s idea to combine the flexibility of the drum hoist with the large load capacity from the multiple ropes in the friction hoist system. Therefore, BMR hoists have a much larger load capacity than drum hoists. It is normal for a BMR hoist to handle 32 tonnes at 2500 meters. FLSmidth supplied the first single wind hoist capable of operating at 3150 m with 23 tonnes.

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