The combination of mineralogical-metallurgical process optimisation studies is the most cost-effective way to maximise your processing performance. Combining mineralogical characterisation technologies with expert metallurgical assessment and verification testing along with the application of sound process knowledge is an extremely powerful and effective tool for optimising your efforts and improving your results. FLSmidth mineral testing laboratories give you empirical data to grow your business 


Our methodology

  • Initial client consultation to review goals and objectives, current performance, complete flow-sheet, trouble areas and more
  • Discuss the mine plan, required samples and extent of ore characterisation
  • Design a detailed testing program proposal outlining characterisation and testing methodology, schedule, pricing and reporting
  • Execute the testing program with our team of experts conducting mineralogical characterisation analyses and performing metallurgical testing. Results are thoroughly analysed and discussed with the client, and the testing program is steered to meet the client’s objectives. 


After program completion, we provide you with a full report, which includes all our findings, suggestions and technical recommendations. And, in addition to having access to the most reliable data, you will also have access to experienced experts who can provide insight into how to use it. FLSmidth minerals testing programs are completed as a partnership — we seek client involvement to focus on improving the client’s process performance, from flowsheet design through optimisation and implementation.


Get the data that drives your business, with FLSmidth laboratories.

Ore characterisation and process mineralogy

Enjoy high-quality, cost efficient, reliable mineralogy work performed by a team with decades of mining and production experience. We offer mineralogical support services related to geo-metallurgy, heap leaching, concentrator optimisation and characterisation of other materials.


Optimise your plant with reliable parameter data. FLSmidth's Comminution Lab offers all testing components for equipment sizing, and we thoroughly train our staff in testing procedures to ensure consistency and accuracy. We offer a comprehensive range of comminution testing to determine the ideal plant parameters that will optimise your processing plant.

Dawson metallurgical laboratories

Improve productivity, grade and recovery, with reliable analysis of existing ore bodies and flowsheets. FLSmidthʼs Dawson Metallurgical Laboratories provide metallurgical testing for ore amenability, process development, flowsheet layout and plant design.

Solid/liquid separations

Optimise your evaluation of new or existing processes, either to improve your operation or to determine design criteria for new equipment selection. The FLSmidth Separations Laboratories offer experienced engineers to assist you in the evaluation of all of your processes. Laboratories are located regionally and services include contract testing, process engineering, bench testing, pilot testing and research and development. Your test results will offer material- and process-specific conditions, which will ultimately provide efficiency throughout your plant system, with improved effluent quality and a reduction in operating costs.

Analytical services

Get the timely, accurate and precise results your business depends on. The FLSmidth Analytical Laboratory provides quality geochemical analyses to support the Minerals Testing and Research Center facility, allowing us to provide complete mineralogical characterisation and metallurgical testing programs. A combination of well-established methods, coupled with advanced analytical instrumentation, provide you with empirical data to inform your every decision.

Pilot operations

Get advanced, plug-and-play support for solid/liquid separation testing. FLSmidth’s Pilot Operations Group and regional laboratories offer a variety of advanced pilot-scale equipment; we build pilot units as ready-to-go installations, and include the required major pieces of process equipment, control panels and ancillary equipment — all skid-mounted for easy transportation and installation.

Minerals research and development

Take your business into tomorrow. The FLSmidth Minerals Research and Development group focuses its efforts on improving existing process and unit operations technologies, as well as developing ideas and proving concepts that will take your operation into new technology areas.

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