Key Benefits

  • Lower capital cost
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Fast response to process changes

Flash Dryer – Effective drying for a wide range of fine materials

Before you can turn your fine materials — such as potash, phosphate, limestone fines, alumina, trona, clays, talc and other mineral products — into profit for your business, you need to be able to separate them from the moisture that inevitably comes along for the ride. But drying fine materials can be costly, time consuming and extremely energy inefficient. To combat these disadvantages, FLSmidth offer advanced Flash Dryer solutions.

How FLSmidth Flash Dryers Work

Our Flash Dryers use gas suspension drying (GSD) technology to economically and quickly process fine materials. Drying takes place in a stationary vertical column. There are no rotating parts or grid plates, and fuel is managed through simple PID control.

Fine ore is introduced above the GSD venturi where it contacts hot gases from an air heater. The ore is immediately entrained in the hot gases, drying in seconds. Dry ore and spent gas is then separated in a cyclone. Spent gas and dust reports to a dust collector, and is then vented to the atmosphere. Cyclone and dust collector underflow reports as product.

The end result is improved turnaround time and reduced energy use, which together add up to better profits and lower costs.

And because there’s more to effective mining operations than just having the right equipment, we are committed to employing our vast experience to optimise your operation. With over 350 gas suspension systems in service since 1972, FLSmidth is the world leader in gas suspension technology. We have designed Stationery Dryer units from 1 ton per hour up to 800 tons per hour, and we can help you find the correct drying solution to fit your needs.



One Source Supplier

FLSmidth is your One Source Supplier for complete systems. We can design supply and operate complete Gas Suspension Dryer systems. FLSmidth has expertise and equipment for ore and fuel preparation, ore storage and reclaim, calcining, product cooling, finished product storage with load out and off gas treatment. We also maintain an extensive network of Customer Service engineers and designers to maintain peak operation long after initial start-up.

Saved costs, reduced impact, increased throughput — Flash Dryer

Lower capital cost
Flash Dryer solutions generally cost significantly less than more traditional options. And thanks to lower energy demands and their lack of moving parts, you’ll also save on maintenance, repair and power costs.
Reduced environmental impact
Reduced energy demands mean fewer harmful emissions, allowing you to decrease the size of the carbon footprint of your business. 
Increased throughput
By drying fine materials much more quickly and efficiently than traditional solutions, Flash Dryers allow you to move more material through, in less time.

FLSmidth Flash Dryer technology to match your materials

The FLSmidth gas suspension dryer is a vertical cylindrical design in which fuel is combusted in an external air heater. Preheated combustion air is introduced into the bottom of the dryer where it is mixed with fuel and preheated feed material. The turbulent swirling mixture of combustion gases, fuel and material produces a highly uniform temperature profile throughout the furnace. A cyclone at the outlet of the furnace separates the gas and material. The calcining temperature and atmosphere can be closely controlled for even burning, uniform product quality and emission control.


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