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How we optimise your Counter Current Decantation circuit

We are excited to bring you the tools to create a more productive operation.

Counter-current decantation (CCD) and counter-current washing (CCW) circuits can be significantly more efficient and cost-effective with the right technology and process optimisation. We have over 130 years of experience providing solutions for liquid-solid separation.  Here’s how we can help:


Analysis to ensure that each aspect of the CCD circuit is optimised

There are multiple steps of the CCD circuit that can be improved. Before designing your equipment, we do a thorough analysis to ensure that all important variables will function optimally. We pay attention to:

  • Particle size distribution
  • Suspended solids concentration
  • Wash ratio
  • Number of thickeners
  • Wash liquor soluble metal concentration
  • Interstage mixing efficiency


Performance-enhancing technology

To create the most efficient and cost-effective processes, you need technology that surpasses the conventional designs. Our engineers provide reliable technology to enhance the CCD circuit’s output and performance, such as:

  • E-Volute Feedwell
    An even flow distribution has many benefits – such as a better solid-recovery rate – but it can be difficult to achieve with conventional systems. The E-Volute Feedwell makes even flow distribution, and all its benefits, possible.
  • High Density/Paste Thickeners
    Your CCD circuit is more efficient when thickener underflow density is increased. This can be achieved with High Density or Paste Thickeners.
  • Thickener covers
    Certain circumstances like temperature can compromise the thickeners. These covers will keep thickeners functioning optimally and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Interstage Mix Tanks
    These tanks are the heart of a CCD circuit, the better these operate, the better your metal recovery. We’ve spent years improving these tanks to make sure they provide you the best results.
  • Rollerdeck HBF designs
    If the rollerdeck horizontal belt filter (HBF) design is created effectively, you will achieve the best performance at the lowest maintenance and power cost. Our designs can accomplish this.

Reliable service before, during and after the installation process

At FLSmidth, we make sure to give you all the support you need. No matter what stage in the process. So, we’ll be there to help you plan the most cost-effective solutions and we’ll stay with you to provide service needs while your operation is up and running. We provide all of the following:

  • Testwork
  • Flowsheet & equipment selection & sizing
  • Technology design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

Additional tools and services to strengthen your operation

Organisations like yours are often looking to improve their processes and solve efficiency obstacles. We have tools that can help you achieve optimal performance, such as:

  • Process collaboration
    To ensure that all equipment functions optimally together, our engineers can help your team design your total flowsheet.
  • Upgrades and retrofits
    If you’re looking to keep your operation ahead of competitors, we are always ready to help you incorporate advanced technologies and designs to set your organisation apart.


Process, mechanical and debottlenecking audits:
Your operation needs more than an installation to function optimally in the long-run. At FLSmidth, we are a technology partner for the life of your operation. Our audits can optimise plant availability, throughput, operating costs and more.

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