Key Benefits

  • Available with proven safety catches where required
  • Complete range of Mine Shaft Skips available
  • Superior construction and durability
  • Multiple material and other options

Getting your materials to where they need to be - Mine Shaft Skips

Before you can turn your raw materials into profit, you need a way to get them from the mine up to the surface. But more than that, you need ore transportation solutions that are as dependable and safe to operate as they are cost effective.

Bottom Dump skips

Our Bottom Dump Skips are light and rugged for medium to large loads. They are well suited for large uncrushed muck and wet sticky fines.



Kimberley skips

The lightest and least expensive skip option for small loads (up to 10 tonnes), the Kimberly ore skip is easy to use, require minimum maintenance and offers the cleanest possible dumping due to overturning action and no possible discharge restrictions in the bucket.



Arc-Gate skips

A rugged solution that is also the safest and lowest maintenance ore skip, the Arc-Gate skip has only a single moving part. The Arc-Gate cannot open accidentally, and when the door is open, it can be designed to not protrude outside of the compartment. Contact with shaft steel becomes impossible.

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Rolachute™ skips

Low maintenance yet offering the fastest cycle, the Rolachute skip uses a special Rolachute door. This gives the skip the fastest cycle time of any design. The absence of scrolls in the headframe means that it is not necessary to slow down to a creep while entering the scrolls.

Crank Type Dump Mechanism

Applicable for bottom dump or arc-gate style skips, our new and unique Crank Type Dump Mechanism replaces more expensive hydraulic units while optimising skip cycle times in comparison to scroll-type discharge systems. It eliminates extra travel distance and time at creep speed, improving skip efficiency by allowing shorter skip dumping and filling times. In consequence, this offers you  increased production rates of up to 10 % and an optimised hoisting capacity versus conventional dump scrolls.

Our Crank Type Dump Mechanism boosts the efficiency of your operations as it discharges a skip by means of a motor-driven crank type linkage and tipping frame arrangement. Therefore, only a short creep-out time is required for the skip to come to a stop. The unique mechanism also guarantees you less complexity and lower maintenance.

Further, the Crank Type Dump Mechanism (CTDM) reduces headframe height requirements and allows for the lowest elevation over the dump lip compared to other solutions.

The CTDM also lowers energy consumption and complexity over hydraulically operated dumping mechanisms as it dynamically opens and closes the skip in a short burst of energy, realising only a single open-and-close cycle through each complete skip cycle. This makes operations more energy-efficient compared with traditional systems that are continuously energised.



Other options

While not as common as the skips already listed, FLSmidth also makes other types of skips to match existing or suit special conditions and situations. Call us to find the right skip for your requirements. In some modern installations skips approach speeds of up to 3800 fpm (19 meters/sec), making balance and alignment critical design considerations. FLSmidth has the expertise, wide product selection and eye for detail to help you optimize your production by maximising payload to tare weight ratios, for improved operational efficiency. 

Top OEM equipment for lifting vital materials: Mine Shaft Skips

Available with proven safety mechanisms

All FLSmidth ore skips that also serve to transport personnel include tried and tested safety mechanisms, so that you can operate secure in the knowledge that your resources, materials and people are being kept safe.



Complete range of Mine Shaft Skips available

Whatever your unique mining needs may be, FLSmidth has the right Mine Shaft Skip for your operation. We also offer customised solutions backed by FLSmidth advisory services.



Superior construction and durability

Save on repair and maintenance costs. FLSmidth Mine Shaft Skips are made from high-quality materials and built to exact specifications, so that you can keep operating longer between maintenance downtimes.


Multiple material and other options

Each Mine Shaft Skip is available in steel, aluminum, stainless steel and various combinations of each, and protective coating and insulation barriers help resist galvanic and chemical corrosion. Likewise, multiple chairing, liner and guide roller options are available, and all skips are optionally available with integral man cages), or with accommodation for trailer cages (safety device may be required) with quick-change options.


Modeling and analysis using Discrete Element Method for skip flow is available.

Proven technology from experienced Mine Shaft Skip manufacturers

Bottom Dump skips

Clean dumping due to the tilt-out action of the bucket makes it particularly suited to handle sticky materials

  • Fines spillage minimized by FLSmidth’s piano-type bucket hinge and the skip door that protrudes into the dump chute
  • The Bottom Dump has the largest unobstructed opening for discharge with no concern of bridging of large uncrushed material
  • Simple and secure locking and discharging mechanism minimizes maintenance
  • Discharge is activated by the dump rollers running in scrolls, mounted in the headframe (optional cylinder discharge in the headframe or alternate crank-type dumping mechanism minimizes cycle time and the required headframe height)
  • Since all Bottom Dump skips have a bail around the bucket, they are forgiving in shafts with less than perfect guide alignment (all types of FLSmidth skips can be supplied with a bail if required). FLSmidth’s quick-change design allows the bail to remain in the shaft while the bucket is removed for liner replacement or exchanged with a cage
  • FLSmidth has designed, built and supplied Bottom Dump skips over 50-tonnes capacity
  • Long lasting; some FLSmidth lightweight aluminum Bottom Dump skips have been in service in hard rock mines for over 30 years. FLSmidth’s Bottom Dumps are the workhorse of the hard rock mining industry.
Kimberly skips
  • This simple skip has best weight to payload ratio of any skip and cleanest dumping
  • Always the best choice for all small skip applications with volumes less than 200 cubic feet/5.7 cubic meters
  • FLSmidth has been supplying Kimberley Skips for over 80 years
Arc-Gate skips
  • Has only one moving part, making it a safe, low maintenance option. 
  • Developed from and superseding the Front Dump skip through the elimination of the high maintenance front-mounted door opening linkage, increasing safety and eliminating costly maintenance of linkage mechanisms
  • Cannot be opened accidentally
  • No requirement for heavy air actuator cylinders or air piping mounted on the skip
  • Cycle time, while relatively short, can be reduced even further by using a headframe mounted cylinder actuator or mechanically-actuated design
  • Rugged construction results in many Arc-Gate Skips having been in service in hard rock mining for over thirty years
  • FLSmidth has supplied Arc-Gate skips of up to 60-tonne capacity
  • Best suited for dry, crushed material
Rolachute skips
  • Simple dump rollers mounted in the headframe allow the door to open with minimal vertical travel. The absence of scrolls in the headframe means it’s not necessary for prolonged creep-in time, reducing the overall cycle time
  • Low maintenance requirements; no air-cylinders, actuators or piping are required on the Skip 
  • Best suited for dry, crushed material

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