Key Benefits

  • Easy and safe to handle
  • Efficient operation
  • Easy to install, remove and maintain

Advanced LOW-STRESS Trommel design

Increase your milling productivity with our strong and LOW-STRESS modular design.

Advanced trommel design

All mines want to reduce unexpected events and downtime. With our trommel frames, you can rest assured that your equipment is of the highest quality – engineered to be strong and lightweight, and designed to increase your uptime and provide safe handling.

We manufacture our trommel frames and screen media in FLSmidth fabrication centres around the globe, according to internationally accepted engineering standards and procedures.

Strong and durable

To extend and maximise your asset life, we verify the structural design of our trommel frames through finite element analysis (FEA). This guarantees the engineering behind all components of the frames. Complete design using an FEA calculation includes static and fatigue/strength assessment, as well as strength assessment on the bolts. 

We stress relieve your trommel frame after fabrication and before machining. We also apply protective lining on each frame in the areas that are likely to be exposed to erosive and abrasive wear.

Screening media size options

To ensure rapid delivery and streamline inventory management, our screening media is available in two standard sizes and in a number of thickness combinations. Our modular screen media panel sizes are 657 mm × 400 mm (25.86 in × 15.75 in) and 726 mm × 400 mm (26.75 in × 28.58 in). These standard dimensions allow us to supply your media from any FLSmidth manufacturing centre, and guarantee your media will conform to our unparalleled quality requirements and material specifications, while providing equal fabrication reproducibility.

Our experienced engineers are committed to finding the best solutions. We examine every aspect of your screening process to help ensure efficient pulp flow characteristics, proper separation, maximum wear life and maximum equipment uptime.

Pulp flow

We use our state-of-the art discrete element modeling (DEM) software to simulate your trommel performance. We then model, predict, optimise and enhance your assets for the highest  possible recoveries and efficiencies.

Screening media configuration

Using DEM software, we analyse your trommel’s material distribution in order to optimise your screening media configuration.

With the best available media and analyses, you win

Improved results start with an array of the highest quality media options and a custom needs analysis.

Array of media materials

We offer screening media in a variety of steel and polyurethane grades and rubber composites. Our newest grade of polyurethane media was developed as we partnered with a trusted prepolymer supplier to combine the physical properties of rubber and polyurethane elastomers. This new addition to our offered materials has been proven in the field to be tough and long lasting even under harsh operating conditions.


As a leading supplier of mineral processing equipment, we have many years of experience with the advantages and limitations of each type of media so that we can provide media recommendations that are as customised as your processes.  Triple your panel wear life.


Factors affecting screening media selection

  • Mineral type, size, physical characteristics and chemical properties
  • Operating conditions
  • Throughput
  • Optimum screening efficiency
  • Optimum open area for maximum efficiency and throughput
  • Target wear life
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Screen media design in relation to mass, securing system and apetrures

Media selection optimisation assistance

Our media optimisation assistance works to improve production because we start with an array of the highest quality media options and then we perform an in-depth analysis of your product, feed and operating conditions to determine the best material for you.

DEM software

As part of our efforts to help you select the best media for your needs, we use technological tools such as discrete element method (DEM) software. We use the software to simulate pulp flows through the surface of your screen. With this information we can project the discharge rate, wear patterns and material distribution over the screen.

With the combination of our experience and DEM projections, we optimise:


  • Media selection to reduce panel wear and increase screen life
  • Deflectors positioning for improved mineral distribution
  • Feed impact condition and screening efficiency to increase the screen capacity
  • Screening efficiency

In the end, this process reduces your operating and maintenance costs. One of our recent customers found that their wear life was tripled when they allowed us to help them with their media selection and did a trial of our newest grade of polyurethane.

Improvement from handling and installation to operation and maintenance

Customised trommel frames and screen media make every step of your process better. With proper optimisation help, you get the operation improvement you’re looking for while at the same time increasing the ease and safety of the related procedures.

Efficient operation
Improve screening efficiency and wear rates with a customised trommel configuration and media materials. We match feed conditions and your other application parameters to deliver the optimum trommel screen for your plant.
Easy and safe to handle

Our standardised sizes for modular screen media are lightweight. Each screen weighs less than 25 Kg (55 lbs).

Easy to install, remove and maintain

Our unique trommel frame design has friction-grip clip rails for installing the modular panels, as opposed to bolts or pins, reducing your downtime for screen maintenance. The customised screen material options decrease maintenance frequency by maximising wear life.

Exceptional features and accessories

Improve your performance and drive down your costs with market-leading features.

Screening panel features


  • Full range of panel thicknesses, in customised polyurethanes or rubber formulations, built to suit high-top-size-impact or high-abrasion situations, and tailored to any ore type
  • Optional riders bars for greater wear resistance
  • Optional modular spirals manufactured in a customised helix angle for your application, and configured for your specific flow-advance or flow-retard requirements   
  • Circumferential dams to aid pulp distribution and reduce material flow velocities for improved drainage and screening efficiency
  • Separate section
  • Designed using discrete element modeling (DEM)

Screening media securing system


  • Clip-on/clip-out design securely and easily mounts screen media panels to structure rails
  • No special tools or installation components required for installation or maintenancE

Optional high-pressure spray washing system


The washing system is custom-designed and manufactured to deliver efficient washing and recovery of fines that adhere to oversize material. These fines are undesirable, as they can interfere and affect downstream processes, such as pebble crushing.

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