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Roller press machines for pre-grinding, semi-finish & finish grinding

For extreme efficiency and high equipment availability, look no further than roller press technology and products from FLSmidth. The roller press is a uniquely designed comminution tool, in that feed ore is exposed to extremely high pressure for a short amount of time resulting in a highly effective method of size reduction.

The roller press features two opposing rolls rotating at a relatively low speed. One roll is fixed to the frame of the machine, the other allowed to move against a set of hydraulic rams. Grinding force is provided via hydraulic pumping system and assisted by nitro-charged accumulators. The roller press is designed to operate in choke feed conditions. Feed material is introduced into the gap between the rolls. This action starts to push the moveable roll against the hydraulic rams, compressing the nitrogen in the accumulators. Once the overall system hydraulic pressure equals that in the crushing zone the roll stops moving and the operating gap is established. Reduction in the material is accomplished through the comminution principal known as inter-particle breakage. Adequate automation possibilities are inbuilt in the operation logic of the roller press in order to ensure safety, smooth operation, high performance and high availability.

What does this mean for you? In addition to boosting plant efficiency and availability, the high operating pressure of the roller press produces micro-cracks in the discharge particles. These micro-cracks are unique to roller press operation and offer reductions in grinding work index and metallurgical benefits to the downstream process.

FLSmidth is a world leader in roller press technology having supplied several machines over the last 30 years. Our roller press family is split into two product lines, each uniquely designed to best serve their respective industry: 

§   Hydraulic Roll Press (HRP) for Cement applications

§   High Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR) for Mining applications 

HFC™1300 upgrade takes exceptional performance even further

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