Key Benefits

  • Increased capacity
  • Improved wear life
  • Reduced operational expenses

Extend your jaw crusher wear life with our Jaw Crusher Liners

Wear in rock crushers accounts for a significant expense in the mining and aggregates industries. Wear leads to equipment failure and maintenance downtime. It leads to costly repairs and replacements. It hurts productivity. Simply put, if you can effectively combat wear in your jaw crusher machinery, you will enjoy reduced costs and improved output.

You situation is something we understand. That is why we provide reliable Jaw Crusher Liners and similar products, designed using real industry expertise. But more than that, our goal is to give you significant benefits beyond high-quality Jaw Crusher Liners. How? By working closely with you. Take advantage of our matchless productivity expertise, professional equipment knowledge and a comprehensive approach to improving your processes.


By working closely together, we can create customised, wear-life extending solutions that cut down on your business expenses while increasing your productivity. And when it comes to rock crushing equipment, enhanced wear and durability makes a significant difference. Partner with FLSmidth, and enjoy the benefits of reliable wear solutions for your rock crushing equipment.

Our Jaw Crusher Liners product offering includes:

  • Corrugated Jaw Crusher Liners
  • High Wear Jaw Crusher Liners
  • High Grip Jaw Crusher Liners

Our accessory component product offering includes:

  • Cheek Plates
  • Liner Retaining Wedges and Holders
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Swing Jaw Plates

Optimise durability and output with quality Jaw Crusher Liners

Increased capacity
Get more done, faster. Thanks to their durable design and high-quality materials, our Jaw Crusher Liners are capable of handling a larger workload than similar, non-FLSmidth products. This means more of your materials processed in a shorter amount of time.
Improved wear life

Keep equipment running longer. FLSmidth Jaw Crusher Liners are made from the highest quality OEM wear parts, so you can operate your jaw crusher equipment lat longer intervals, at higher workloads, for a more efficient mining operation.

Reduced operational expenses

Reduce expenses. Incorporating industry expertise and designed from only the highest quality materials, our Jaw Crusher Liners cut down on equipment downtime and repair and replacement costs, reducing your operational costs.

Jaw Crusher Liners built from technologically advanced designs

You are looking for wear liners that are proven to work for your applications, and that promote maximum productivity. Our jaw crusher liner expertise and high-quality materials are key to creating an optimised crushing solution customised to your unique needs.

Reliable, high-quality OEM wear parts 

It is unavoidable that over time, wear parts will need to be replaced. Our certified wear parts are of the highest quality and are designed to maximise your productivity. 


Wear material that increases productivity 

Versatility across a majority of applications means improved productivity. Our liners incorporate austenitic manganese steel, which is the industry standard material for jaw crusher liners. Due to its ability to work-harden during operation, it has proven a reliable solution in a range of applications. 


We offer three standard grades for Jaw Crusher Liners, allowing you to quickly address changing ore characteristics. 


By varying the chemical composition of our different material grades, you will achieve an increase in productivity. Our SM310 and SM330 materials perform well for average abrasive ore types, while more abrasive ores typically benefit from HM830 wear materials.

Customisation solutions

  • Crushing chamber optimisation
  • Process optimisation
  • Repair and service contracts
  • Safety and maintenance tools 

Accessory components

  • Cheek Plates
  • Liner Retaining Wedges and Holders
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Swing Jaw Plates


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