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Helping your operations embrace trends and potentials

Businesses in the chemicals industry are currently experiencing rapid change. Chemicals companies must adapt quickly to maintain a competitive edge, overcome challenges, and embrace new market opportunities.

The current mega trends affecting the chemicals industry are sustainability, digitalisation and innovation, and additionally, operations in the chemical industry must meet high standards in terms of safety, emissions and – of course – productivity.

We help you accommodate trends, meet and exceed demands and enhance productivity by utilising products and solutions with proven performance, accuracy, safety, durability and reliability.


Premium processing equipment

In the chemicals processing phase, we provide you with value-adding solutions through our vast experience with pyro processing, crushing, grinding, filtration, thickening, screening, classification and separation. Our cyclones and concentrators, liquid/solid separators and screening equipment, feature innovative technologies and help us provide you with better solutions, higher productivity and a competitive total cost of ownership.


Our Indexing Belt Filter™ technology, which was developed entirely in-house, is particularly well-suited for chemicals processing, and it has a proven track record through a large installed base around the world.


To help production running smoothly, we offer gears and drives that set industry standards on performance, reliability and compatibility.


As the ever stronger focus on alternative and sustainable fuels leads to ever greater demand for biofuels, the production process needs to be increasingly productive. Our industry-leading products and solutions for thermochemical pre-treatment and slurry filtration ensure optimal quality and quantity.


Furthermore, we help you reduce your environmental footprint impact on the environment through our gas analysis and reporting solutions and ground-breaking air pollution control technologies.


Summarised, we provide sustainable productivity to the chemicals industry.


Innovative materials handling solutions

When it comes to materials handling and logistics, our conveying and storage solutions, pumps and valves, as well as our packaging and dispatching product range provide you with substantial benefits through innovative technology.

Through simple design and construction, our products lead the industry in terms of reliability, durability and ease of maintenance. Additionally, our products are highly compatible, ensuring cost-effective installation and upgrading throughout your entire operations value chain.


Support and maintenance

Even the very best products and equipment need high-level support and maintenance to be perfect for you. Through our seven regions across the globe, we provide you with industry-leading assistance on everything from identification of needs and requirements, over design and installation, to maintenance and repairs.

This will ensure that you get the best possible solution, minimum downtime and low total cost of ownership.

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