Products and solutions for materials handling and emissions control

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Utilising experience from similar industries to give you sustainable productivity

We help your fossil-fuel power plant enhance production and reduce its environmental impact by utilising more than a century’s worth of experience from the cement and mining industries. With expertise in everything from materials handling, processing and storage, over weighing, dosing and feeding, to emissions control and waste-water management, we provide you with innovative solutions in pre and post-process phases.


Fuels, reliably transported, stored and metered

We offer you a full flow sheet of products and services for unloading and storing coal and lignite. We offer everything from port facilities for unloading both marine and river vessels of all sizes to unloading stations for trucks and trains, including all equipment required for sampling and quality determination.


Your power utilities operations also benefit from our materials-handling solutions, ranging from belt and pipe conveyor systems to stockyard equipment, ensuring seamless transitions between the individual steps of the materials-handling process.


For maximum burner efficiency and power productivity, a high level of accuracy is needed in feeding fuels to the burner. We provide you with just that through our continuous gravimetric weighing and dosing equipment, which also utilises cutting edge automation features for industry-leading performance.


Premium solutions for alternative fuels and boiler ash

Due to their mainly non-homogenous composition, alternative fuels and biomasses pose particular requirements in terms of storage, transport and dosing equipment. Especially developed and adapted to meet these requirements, our products ensure efficient and trouble-free operations and reliable unloading, even of difficult materials and material mixtures from trucks, trains or vessels.


Our products and machinery for ash and slag removal offer flexible solutions through proven technologies for the continuous discharge of ash and slag from your power station boilers. These systems ensure smooth removal and cooling of the ash and slag produced.

The gas-tight design prevents the escape of vapors and dust and at the same time effectively inhibits the inflow of outside air, which might adversely affect the combustion process, thus ensuring the reliable continuous operation of your boilers.


Lime and limestone processing and handling

For power plants procuring the powdered limestone required for flue gas desulfurization (FGD) as a finished product, we design and supply complete equipment technology, from unloading stations for trucks and trains to pneumatic transport to storage silos and from there to the point of use by means of pressure vessels or pumps.


If your operation produces the powdered limestone itself, we can tailor our systems to provide a solution to your specific needs. Our unloading, transport and stockyard equipment including the required sampling systems ensure seamless transitions between your individual materials-handling process stages.

• Pre-crushing equipment

• Metering to mills by belt or rotor weighfeeders

• Wet grinding in vertical or horizontal ball mills combined with hydro cyclones

• Dry grinding in ball mills or rod mills

• Pneumatic conveying to storage silos

• Injection of lime powder into FGD units by volumetric or gravimetric feeding


Highly efficient gypsum dewatering solutions

Our dewatering solutions are amongst the most economical solutions for drying FGD gypsum. The quality standards required by the construction and building industry are achieved by combining hydro cyclones and vacuum belt filters.

If lower quality standards apply, for example for landfilling purposes, other dewatering equipment such as vacuum drum filters or thickeners can be used in addition to vacuum belt filters.


These installations are complete systems with all auxiliaries required for all process stages, from slurry entry into the hydro cyclones to the discharge of the dewatered gypsum on the conveying system. This highly convenient single-source delivery principle gives you full support and peace of mind.


Managing emissions and emissions by-products

As a leading sustainable technology provider, we offer you flexible air pollution control solutions that minimise emissions and ensure that specific requirements are continuously met.

Our gas analysis and reporting solutions ensure stable and real-time monitoring, enabling us to take action quickly on diversions from norms, and a high level of compatibility with automation systems. Furthermore, a high-end data-collection feature is included for easy reporting to regulators.


In coal-fired power plants, we enable separation of fly ash from flue gas by means of fabric filters or electric filters. Our filtering solutions can remove substantial quantities of fly ash (up to 200 t/h) directly from the filter hoppers. Additionally, we offer you a variety of solutions for pneumatic transport of fly ash to storage and silos.


We provide several Air Pollution Control (APC) solutions for power plants such as electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), fabric filters, hybrid filters and gas suspension absorbers. We lead the way in helping your plant operators meet specific emissions targets through a complete portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and specialised services.

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