Key Benefits

  • OEM (original equipment manufacturer) recommended
  • Suitable for different applications and duties
  • Enables the proper seating of liners

A choice of crusher liner epoxy strengths in a simple application

Once you have bought the best crushers in the market from FLSmidth, the last thing you need is for one small accessory to be sub-standard. That is why Linebacker® is the product you need. It is original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommended, giving you assurance that it is well suited to our range of cone and gyratory crushers.

Using the dependable Linebacker® Crusher Liner Epoxy safeguards the crusher liner products so they have the greatest prospect of functioning correctly. Linebacker also offers the best defense against backing material failure, helping you cut down on unexpected downtime and expensive maintenance costs.


Product range

There are three options, each for different specific applications, as well as a Bushing Lock Epoxy. 

Linebacker® Standard Crusher Liner Epoxy
The standard option is designed and recommended for the majority of aggregate and medium-duty crushing applications.
Linebacker® Heavy Duty Crusher Liner Epoxy
For tougher applications or high strength ore where the backing needs to be more robust, you can’t go past this heavy-duty option.
Linebacker® Cold Weather Crusher Liner Epoxy
Don’t let cold weather affect how backing materials perform, with this option specifically designed for curing in cold temperature environments. 
Linebacker® Bushing Lock
The Bushing Lock is a specific product for locking bushings into position in all makes of gyratory and cone crushers.

Maximise your crusher efficiency with strong crusher liner epoxy

Linebacker will not let you down for strength and dependability. Used for reinforcement, space filling and noise and vibration reduction in rock crushing machines, it is a minor but crucial product in your crusher set-up.

You are in safe hands with FLSmidth. We know crushers – how they are engineered and how they operate. You ultimately benefit from this process knowhow and can be reassured that the correct product is specified for your valuable crusher. Linebacker has been specifically formulated for FLSmidth equipment. Not to worry though if you have a different make of crusher – Linebacker suits most brands.


Our global reach and site services capabilities allow us to change out and install your liners, on your site, if required.



OEM recommended
You can trust in the product’s quality and reap the benefits of our engineering expertise and long-term industry knowledge.
Suitable for different applications and duties
Whether you need standard, heavy duty or cold weather options, we have them all covered.
Enables the proper seating of liners
Linebacker gets into all those cavities to fill troublesome void space, and maximises both liner and crusher body life.

User-friendly crusher liner epoxy with strength and consistency

Linebacker® Standard Crusher Liner Epoxy

For use in the majority of crushing applications with average strength ore, the Standard Crusher Liner Epoxy is designed for smaller cone crusher applications, typically crushing aggregates and other soft-to-medium hardness materials.

You have peace of mind that the uniform consistency, pourability and cured toughness assure support of cast wear parts operating under typical service conditions.


Compressive strength: 114 MPa (16,500 psi) ASTM D 695.


Linebacker® Heavy Duty Crusher Liner Epoxy

This heavy-duty option is the preferred backing material for tough, demanding or troublesome crushing applications such as those handled by gyratory and larger cone crushers. It is uniquely formulated for high-impact resistance, high compressive strength, and very low water absorption to ensure extra strength.


Compressive strength: 124 MPa (18,000 psi) ASTM D 695.


Linebacker® Cold Weather Crusher Liner Epoxy

Heavy duty backing material is featured in the Cold Weather Liner Epoxy so it’s suitable for tough, demanding, and troublesome crusher applications. Specifically for curing in cold temperature environments, it is suitable for use when air temperatures are between -4 to 16° C (25 to 60° F) with optimum pouring temperature between 7 to 13° C (45 to 55° F).


Compressive strength: 129 MPa (18,700 psi) ASTM D 695


Linebacker® Bushing Lock

We also offer Linebacker Bushing Lock, which is a specifically formulated product for locking bushings into position in all makes of gyratory and cone crushers.


None of the backing products contain VOCs, butyl glycidyl ether (BGE)¹ or nonyl phenol².


¹ Butyl Glycidyl Ether. The EPA (SARA Title III, section 312) lists it (BGE) as “toxic” (per ANSI Z129.1) by skin absorption and an immediate health hazard.


² Nonyl Phenol is a Marine Pollutant and considered “dangerous for the environment” per the EU directive 79/831/EEC.

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