Key Benefits

  • Gain insight into screen condition
  • Minimise the causes of unplanned downtime
  • Develop a predictive maintenance programme
  • Stay informed, wherever you are

Screen monitoring to support predictive maintenance

Vibration analysis of vibrating screens provides detailed information about the performance of each machine – and shines a spotlight on potential problems that could reduce the life of your screen.

The Screen Motion Analyser (SMAv2) is a highly versatile, user-friendly tool that provides an instant snapshot of your machine’s performance. With the data you gain, you can develop a predictive maintenance approach, reduce downtime and cut costs.

SMAv2 can be utilised safely and rapidly in a variety of environments without impacting production. The data is aggregated in easy-to-interpret graphs, so that you can determine if the equipment is operating correctly, identify opportunities for optimisation and any areas of concern. It’s a real-time system that works via Bluetooth connection and can be viewed on any Android or iOS device.

See more, know more with Screen Motion Analysis

Gain insight into screen condition

With data collected in real-time and analysed quickly, you get a visual on screen performance and health.


Minimise the causes of unplanned downtime

By discovering potential problems before they escalate, you can act to avoid catastrophic events and unplanned downtime.


Develop a predictive maintenance programme

Armed with all this data, you can carry out the right maintenance at the right time and develop a truly predictive maintenance strategy.


Stay informed, wherever you are

With access to your data on Android and iOS, you can analyse your screen’s condition and plan accordingly.

Smart, compact and easy to operate sensor and app

The SMAv2 lightweight, portable unit is safely fitted to vibrating screens using magnets. The unit records vibration of the screen simultaneously in 3 directions (horizontal, vertical and lateral) and, calculates and displays screen operating frequency, vibrating stroke and lateral displacement (Pk-Pk). The vibration data is transmitted via the latest wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

A user-friendly app displays the data in a way that is easy to interpret, with no specialist training required. The vibration data is automatically sent to the app for immediate display and review. The data and report can be saved for records, further analysis and/or sent to a FLSmidth machine analyst for an expert opinion.

Screen Motion Analyser


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