A range of rotary coolers that revolutionise material processing

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Rotary coolers that provide efficient cooling solutions 

Rotary coolers are vital to the thermal processing system, as they make up a necessary part of effective material processing and handling. They must interface correctly with rotary kilns or dryers in order to cool products to a safe temperature

The range of rotary coolers that we have on offer at FLSmidth have been designed to provide you with long-lasting and performance-boosting cooling solutions. They can handle a wide range of heavy-duty materials with minimum maintenance, making them stand out from similar products on the market. This makes them also the ideal choice over fluidised bed coolers, as it takes significantly less energy for a rotary cooler to cool such materials. They can also be easily automated and don’t need as much supervision as fluid bed coolers. Rotary coolers are also more effective than coolers with stationary components, as the constant agitation of the materials aids in cooling the product at a more even rate, leading to higher efficiency and faster processing times.

There are two distinct types of rotary cooler, including the direct rotary cooler and the indirect rotary cooler, as well as the Unax Cooler, a similar planetary cooler, all of which are available.

Rotary Cooler – Direct
Similar to a direct rotary kiln, our direct rotary cooler utilises a counter-current method of cooling materials, via a stream of ambient or chilled air. This material processing equipment is both highly durable and versatile, as it can cool a large variety of hot granular products and can handle a vast range of temperatures, thanks to its stainless-steel shell and added refractory lining. It offers numerous features that aim to boost productivity while keeping safety and affordability in mind.

Rotary Cooler – Indirect
Unlike the direct rotary cooler, our indirect rotary cooler utilises both stationary and rotary components – an internal rotating drum where the molten material is placed, and an outer stationary shell where cold water is circulated. Instead of using air, water is used to cool the materials, which offers a unique method of material processing. It too can handle a large range of materials at high temperatures and can be supplied in a hybrid design in order to suit smaller plants without compromising on performance

Unax Cooler
Compared to past grate cooler designs, this planetary cooler improves on durability, reliability and simplicity. Despite the Unax Cooler and rotary coolers having similar features, the planetary cooler is often more rigid and is attached to a rotary kiln a level higher than a rotary cooler is. This aids in reducing maintenance costs, offering you a more affordable option.

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