Key Benefits

  • Pumps large and abrasive solids
  • Adjustable while in operation
  • Pulls a higher vacuum
  • Reduces cost per ton
  • Longer service life

Treat the cause of slurry pump inefficiency with our gravelMAX pump

Many slurry pump applications in hard rock mining, coal, dredging and other industries require the ability to pump large solids. Traditionally, operations used open impellers or extremely oversized pumps to get the job done – at the cost of ineffective performance. Our gravelMAX presents the ideal solution to optimise passing size, efficiency and wear life. This is due to its wide diameter impellers and large cutwater clearances for increased passing size, and our patented millMAX suction-side sealing system that eliminates the grinding of large solids.

gravelMAX_slurry pump dredge pump-large solids
Our gravelMAX pumps are designed with wider impellers for passing large solids and abrasive slurries.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

In most established gravelMAX installations, wear life of parts has been even – and in the majority, overall wear life has improved by 50% to 100% compared to conventional slurry pumps. Installations have also noted a reduction in power consumption, typically in the range of 10% to 20% or even greater, which can then be taken as a cost savings or used for additional pumping capacity with the same installed motor.

Industries and applications

  • Aggregates (sand plants, cyclone feed, tailings)
  • Dredging
  • Coal (heavy media cyclone feed)
  • Froth
  • Heavy-duty abrasive slurries
  • Any application requiring large solids passing

Efficient pumping of large, abrasive solids – lower cost per ton

Pumps large and abrasive solids
The wide diameter impeller and increased cutwater clearance allows for the passing of large solids. The wide clearance between the impeller and suction side ensures that solids are not ground up in the pump as they would be with conventional designs.
Adjustable while in operation
With our millMAX suction-side sealing system, the wear ring, the front clearance is adjustable during operation, and takes only five minutes to perform. Because the wear ring can be adjusted while the pump is in operation, the pump achieves a constant flow and pressure, without the need to speed it up. This extends the life of all wet end parts and reduces power consumption.
Pulls a higher vacuum
By eliminating the suction-side recirculation that breaks the vacuum at the eye of the impeller on conventional pumps, the wear ring advantage allows the gravelMAX to pump a higher percent solids and higher density solids than any other pump in its class. The ability to pull a higher vacuum makes our gravelMAX ideal for the dredging industry.
Reduces cost per ton
Lower power requirements, long wear life and less pump downtime all result in lower cost-per-ton pumped.
Longer service life
The gravelMAX’s increased clearances, wide diameter impeller and suction-side sealing system work together to offer even and predictable wear rates, less downtime, increased throughput and lower electricity consumption.

Patented, proprietary features eliminate common problems

The gravelMAX pump has a unique patented design developed for severe abrasive slurries. It features a proprietary suction-side sealing system and patented online wear clearance adjustment, which minimises the cost-per-ton pumped, compared to conventional hard metal and rubber lined slurry pumps.

krebs gravelMAX wear ring slurry pump technology
The gravelMAX not only eliminates inefficient recirculation but also the grinding of slurry. Our gravelMAX pumps are part of the ONLY pump line in the market that can eliminate both problems effectively.   Additional features include:

Adjustable wear ring

  • Allows pumping of higher percent solids and higher-density slurries
  • Reduces suction-side recirculation
  • Maintains hydraulic performance

millMAX™ power frame

  • Heavy-duty cast pedestal
  • External bearing assembly adjustment
  • Wide bearing centres
  • Heavy-duty shaft and bearings

Reverse-taper roller bearings

  • Increase the effective load span to improve B-10 life
  • Pumping action of taper rollers discharges grease to the outside, preventing ingress of slurry and eliminating possibility of failure due to over-greasing

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