Key Benefits

  • High throughputs up to 8,000 tph
  • Compact and robust design
  • Integrated screening chamber increased productivity
  • Lower power consumption – Increase efficiency
  • Higher service life

More efficient, more sustainable crushing

The demands of primary crushing of hard rock can quickly lead to wear and performance losses on your crushing equipment.

Our Eccentric Roll Crusher ERC® offers an innovative and patented design that enhances performance and durability. We have mounted the roll eccentrically between the crushing chamber and the integrated screening chamber to increase wear resistance, improve efficiency and achieve optimized, better-integrated and automated mining crushing operations. 


For the mining industry, competitiveness is about having efficient and productive operations. In the search new ways to increase this competitiveness, the power of innovation and the development of new technologies are of great value. 

New solutions enable mine operators to increase sustainability, productivity and cut wasteful costs. Our expertise in mining equipment and industrial machinery has led us to develop exactly such solution with our innovative and unique hard rock crusher, the Eccentric Roll Crusher ERC®.  This highly wear resistant, highly durable machine offers a significant efficiency boost for mining operations, thanks to its particularly flat and robust design with integrated screen.  

In comparison with other primary crushers, our Eccentric Roll Crusher offers a 20-50% lower construction height. This not only gives you a more efficient and economical use of space, but also enables the ERC® to be operated in both underground mines and in mobile or semi-mobile crushing plants in open-pit mining.

Eccentric Roll Crusher mobile crusher system
Throughputs of up to 8,000 metric tons per hour along with a particularly high crushing intensity are no problem for this mining roll crusher. This is the result of its innovative and unique kinematics, with its large, constant stroke along with the integrated screen. 

Our ERC® also provides you with an efficient lever to reduce the energy consumption of your mining crushing operations, by, for example, reducing the energy peaks occurring in the comminution process. All of these features together with our passion and expertise for engineering ultimately result in our Eccentric Roll Crusher ERC® - a primary solution for primary crushing! 

Revolutionize primary crushing: greater throughput and less power consumption

The Eccentric Roll Crusher ERC® is the result of rich expertise in mining equipment and industrial machinery. Its low-wear design and durable components enhance efficiency in crushing mining operations, making it a state-of-the-art hard rock primary crusher.

With its numerous advantages over conventional crushers, the ERC® opens up many new fields of application and solves several problems that often occur in the first crushing stage.
High throughput
The kinematics of the crusher, with its large, constant stroke, as well as the integrated screen enable particularly high comminution intensity and high throughput rates of up to 8,000 tons per hour.
Compact construction
The specially designed crushing geometry with an integrated screen results in a particularly low construction height of the crusher, which is up to half the size than other primary crushers. 
Integrated automatic gap adjustment with overload protection
As part of the crushing chamber, the adjustable swing jaw enables the gap to be specifically adapted to suit a required product. A bigger gap range is possible than with other primary crushers. An overload protection function is also integrated into the gap adjustment. 
Lower power consumption – Increase efficiency
The integrated screen increases the efficiency of the machine. Fine material is discharged directly and not passed through the crushing chamber, lowering power consumption and reducing the risk of material compaction and overloading the machine. It also minimises wear on the crushing elements.
Higher service life of wear elements on the roll
The back turning of the roll occurring during the crushing process distributes the loads over the entire circumference. This prevents local wear zones and results in uniform wear.
Balanced crusher with very low unbalance during no-load operation
The symmetrical arrangement of the roll makes it easy to balance the eccentrically moving crushing element. This reduces the residual unbalance forces, machine vibrations in no-load operation, and the load on the surrounding structure. The ERC® is thus very suitable for use in mobile and semi-mobile crushing plants.
Reduction of energy peaks
The machine consists of large gyrating masses, the flywheel and the V-belt pulley. Their great inertia reduces the energy peaks occurring in the comminution process.
Impact resistance
Large chunks of feed material in the crushing chamber do not fall directly onto the mounted working element, but hit the hood, which is significantly more resistant to such loads than other components. That is a key advantage over many conventional crushers.
Fewer elongated material particles
The curved shape of the crusher ensures elongated rock fragments do not fall directly into the crusher outlet. This reduces the amount of elongated product particles, so called 'fishes'.

A unique mining roll crusher operation with true sustainability potential

Crushing hard rock and ore like never before! Our ERC® features a roll mounted eccentrically between the crushing chamber and the integrated screening chamber to allow for greater efficiency and productivity. The benefits? Optimised, better integrated and automated crushing mining operations!

A prime design feature of our ERC® is its uniquely designed crushing geometry with an integrated screen. This results in a compact construction height. This height can be additionally reduced for transport or maintenance purposes by dismounting the hood.

The integrated screen itself enables fine material to be discharged directly and not passed through the crushing chamber, which enhances the machine’s efficiency while reducing power consumption.

Our Eccentric Roll Crusher features an integrated automatic gap adjustment. How does it work? As part of the crushing chamber, the adjustable swing jaw enables the gap to be specifically adapted to suit a required product. The adjustment range of up to 200 mm is sufficient to offset wear on the crushing elements.

The gap adjustment features an overload protection function. A special hydraulic cylinder controls the pressure and thus the load in the crushing chamber. When the acceptable load is exceeded, e.g. by non-crushable foreign bodies, the valve opens and the gap is increased. This protects the crusher against overload damage.

A special feature of the Eccentric Roll Crusher is the ability to operate it underground. Underground operations place particular demands on the processing technology, especially in terms of compactness, mobility and maintenance friendliness. The combination of the mining roll crusher’s features and benefits make it ideal for meeting these demands and make it in general an effective tool for primary crushing of hard rock and ores in any mining industry, whether above or below ground.

We offer five Eccentric Roll Crusher ERC® types for various applications


Model [ERC®] Weight1
Roll diameter
 Roll width
Feed opening3
Grizzly length4
Gap CSS5
18 - 14 83 160-300 1,800 1,400 1,000 1,400 70-220

22 - 20

156 300-450 2,200 2,000 1,200 1,700 80-260
25 - 25 185 450-600 2,500 2,500 1,300 2,500 100-260
25 - 30 215 500-700 2,500 3,000 1,300 2,500 100-300
25 - 34 240 600-800 2,500 3,400 1,300 2,500 100-300


1) Weights indicated do not include base frame, drive motor and tools.  Weights may vary depending on actual machine configuration.
2) Motor rating range applicable for < 1,000m altitude.  Actual motor rating depending on the feed material characteristics, desired product size, actual machine configuration and real elevation.
3) Maximum vertical dimension between jaw liners and roll liners. The maximum feed particle size in 2 dimension shall be at least 20% smaller.
4) Standard grizzly length.  Actual length may vary depending on specific machine configuration.
5) Standard range of gap adjustments CSS.  CSS= Close Side Setting means the narrowest dimension measured between the tooth base of the roll liner and the jaw liner at the bottom of the crushing chamber.  The min. CSS depends on the properties of the feed material.


Model Crusher capacityin metric tph depending on gap setting
  Gap setting CSS in mm
Model / CSS 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260  280 300
ERC® 18-14 550- 1,100 650 - 1,250 700 - 1,300 750 - 1,500 800 - 1600 850 - 1,700 900 - 1,850        
ERC® 22-20
1,050- 2,100 1,150 - 2,300 1,250- 2,500 1,350 - 2,700 1,450 - 2,900 1,550 - 3,050 1,650- 3,250 1,750- 3,450    
ERC® 25-25   1,450- 2,950 1,600- 3,250 1,750- 3,500 1,900- 3,800 2,050- 4,100 2,200- 4,350 2,300- 4,650 2,450- 4,900    
ERC® 25-30
  2,150- 4,300 2,350- 4,650 2,500- 5,050 2,700- 5,400 2,900- 5,800 3,100 - 6,150 3,250- 6,550 3,450- 6,900 3,650- 7,300
ERC® 25-34
  2,600- 5,200 2,850- 5,650 3,050 - 6,100 3,300- 6,550 3,500- 7,000 3,750- 7,450 3,950- 7,900 4,200- 8,350 4,400- 8,800


1) Crusher capacity calculated based on a typical run-of-mine feed material with an average raw density 2.6t/m3 and max. feed size less or equal to 80% of crusher feed opening. Actual values are depending on feed material characteristics (e.g. hardness UCS, feed particle size distribution, moisture content), the desired product size and the actual machine configuration (e.g. gap setting CSS). Range represents the variation for the typical feed materials.

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