But the project wasn’t a walk in the park. Initially, it looked as though only the crusher’s main frame needed to be replaced. However, after Regional Sales Director Jim Ulrich asked our Technical Support Manager Joe Opel to travel to the quarry and inspect the current condition, it became apparent that additional components would be necessary for the 7FT Symons to achieve optimal performance.

Joe traveled onsite for the installation, along with Crushing Products Sr. Engineer Paul Prohaska. Working over Labor Day, crews removed the existing crusher and prepped the crusher base for grout. Prior to the new main frame being set, the crews also repaired areas where erosion had taken its toll on the existing concrete. Finally, they rebuilt the crusher’s discharge box.

Assembly of the Symons Crusher included a new adjustment ring, eccentric assembly, socket assembly, countershaft box, feed plate assembly and hydraulic power unit (HPU). But not every part needed to be replaced; teams were able to salvage the existing bowl, head and main shaft, and transfer some of the original tramp release cylinders from the existing main frame. That said, most of these components needed extensive cleaning before they could be put into service — many featured rough spots and excessive material build-up. But after a thorough buffing with an emery cloth and grinder, the parts were restored and ready for installation.

Despite fighting off the remnants of Tropical Storm Ernesto throughout the installation, quarry maintenance staff made their final adjustments to the crusher and it was officially broken in.

The quarry Project Engineer recently contacted us to say that “the crusher is running well,” and that they plan to do future business with us and Midsouth.

This was a team effort from start to finish that included: engineering, manufacturing, customer support, inspection, assembly, finishing and shipping. It took everybody working together to make it happen. [We] could not have asked for a better group to work with on this project.

Joe OpelExcel’s Technical Support Manager

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