Key Benefits

  • Customisable for all conditions
  • Superior performance
  • Backed by FLSmidth expertise
  • System fits all machine manufacturers
  • Service and reporting

Customisable screen media to lift performance, with a range of fixing methods

An efficient screening operation is important to your performance. You need reliable, hard-wearing screen media that will lift throughput while reducing pegging and blinding. Not only that, you need screens that are configured exactly for the specific challenges you face in your operation.

Our array of LUDODECK screen media includes a suite of innovative designs and some of the most advanced and efficient screening media in the world. Whether you need the most possible open area or the highest possible wear resistance, we have precisely what you are looking for. We can also service and report on the performance, giving you predictive screen production.


Array of media materials

We offer screening media in a variety of steel and polyurethane grades and rubber composites. Our newest grade of polyurethane media was developed as we partnered with a trusted prepolymer supplier to combine the physical properties of rubber and polyurethane elastomers. This new addition to our offered materials has been proven in the field to be tough and long lasting even under harsh operating conditions.


As a leading supplier of mineral processing equipment, we have many years of experience with the advantages and limitations of each type of media so that we can provide media recommendations that are as customised as your processes.


Factors affecting screening media selection

  • Mineral type, size, physical characteristics and chemical properties

  • Operating conditions

  • Throughput

  • Optimum screening efficiency

  • Optimum open area for maximum efficiency and throughput

  • Target wear life

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Screen media design in relation to mass, securing system and apertures



Media selection optimisation assistance

Our media optimisation assistance works to improve production because we start with an array of the highest quality media options and then we perform an in-depth analysis of your product, feed and operating conditions to determine the best material for you.


DEM software

As part of our efforts to help you select the best media for your needs, we use technological tools such as discrete element method (DEM) software. We use the software to simulate pulp flows through the surface of your screen. With this information we can project the discharge rate, wear patterns and material distribution over the screen.


With the combination of our experience and DEM projections, we optimise:

  • Media selection to reduce panel wear and increase screen life

  • Deflectors positioning for improved mineral distribution

  • Feed impact condition and screening efficiency to increase the screen capacity

  • Screening efficiency


In the end, this process reduces your operating and maintenance costs.


Polyurethane Products
Some processes demand a hard-wearing and versatile screen surface that can withstand the most difficult conditions. Our polyurethane products are designed to do that, all while making your screening operations more productive and profitable. The products in this range will also help reduce noise pollution and can be moulded to any shape to suit your applications.


Ideal for:

  • Quartz
  • Sand 
  • Sizing 
  • Mineral processing 
  • Silicon
  • Gravel
  • Scalping
  • Aggregate processing




Rubber screens

Rubber is an exceptionally hard-wearing material that reduces noise pollution and is resistant to some types of chemicals. The LUDODECK range of moulded rubber screening systems withstand the most aggressive environments and reduce pegging and blinding in wet applications


Ideal for:

  • Milling
  • Sizing
  • Mineral processing
  • Scrubbing
  • Scalping
  • Aggregate processing




Wedge wire products

Wedge wire products provide large open areas and allow more material to flow through the screen. This increases throughput while substantially reducing pegging and blinding. We are continually innovating products within our wedge wire range and work closely with customers to manufacture products for their specific needs. Every wedge wire application is uniquely designed, engineered and precision-manufactured to suit your requirements.


Ideal for:

  • Gold
  • Mineral beneficiation
  • Steel-coke/sinter
  • Iron Ore
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Coal processing
  • Aggregate 






Woven wire

Our woven wire range is designed to be truly flexible to your needs: our screens can be made in a huge range of apertures and materials and with wire that can be 12 mm in diameter and have an aperture size of over 200 mm.


Woven wire is the most common and versatile screen in the market. The LUDODECK range of woven wire products is backed by our quality manufacturing practices and state-of-the-art equipment.


Ideal for:

  • Sizing
  • Aggregate processing 
  • Classification
  • Scalping
  • Mineral processing



Quality, customisable screens for any application

We understand the demands of your operations and the harsh settings in which you function. That's why the LUDODECK Screen Media series is designed to deliver a superior performance in every environment. It includes a large range of reliable, high-quality products to suit any application.


Completely customisable to your needs, LUDODECK screen media products come in a large variety of formats, materials and apertures and are produced according to your specifications. We have a screening solution for every operation. We can fit our system to your machine or supply screens to suit your existing system for a trial.

Superior performance

Would you like to reduce pegging and blinding while at the same time increasing throughput? Our screen media products include a large array of options so we can find the one best suited for your needs. Contact us and we’ll help you optimise your performance.

Backed by FLSmidth expertise

Not all screens are made equally. You already know the cost of poorly made screen media: increased pegging and blinding, lower throughput, higher production and maintenance costs and ultimately lower profitability. So you know how important it is to source high quality products. The LUDODECK screen media range of products is produced using our leading-edge equipment and manufacturing processes in Australia, Chile, China, South Africa and United States, and backed by the expertise of our engineers.

With the best available media and analyses, you win

Improved results start with an array of the highest quality media options and a custom needs analysis. We help you choose from a large selection of screen media made from a variety of materials.

All our products are backed by FLSmidth’s highly experienced team of engineers and technical support officers. We’d be happy to help you find a screening solution to suit the needs of your operations. Our products can be completely customised to your needs, with apertures available in all shapes and sizes.


Our range of screen materials for screen media includes:



   - Bolted pin systems (BPS)    - Pin and sleeve modular panels   
      - Continuous slot aperture panels     - Trommel screens      
   - KOKO™ Modular Panel System   - Signature apertures  
   - PIPO™ Two Modular Screen Panel System   - Polyurethane tension mats  
   - PIPO™ Two Perforated Plate Panels   - XIF™ Aperture  
   - E1 elastomers with H-pin by Multotec      



     - Rubber screening systems                                    - Trommel panel systems         
- Rubber cross tension mats - Steel backed rubber panels


Wedge wire

- Centrifuge baskets - Wedge wire trommel screens
      - LUDODECK Modular Polywedge Panels            - Interstage screens     
- Wedge wire screens - Carbon in pulp (CIP) screens
- Wedge wire sieve bend screens - Carbon in leach (CIL) screens

Woven wire

- Heavy woven wire cross tension mats                            - POLY-VIBE™                     
     - Woven wire mesh                     - TIRO™                     
- Woven wire screen cloths - Agavibe



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    • Perforated plate

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