Key Benefits

  • Low maintenance
  • Simple design
  • Improved dewatering
  • Cost efficiency
  • Superior support

A screenbowl centrifuge that’s built to last and increase cost efficiency

When it comes to separating solids and liquids, we understand the importance of using a Decanter Screenbowl Centrifuge that maximises recovery rates. We also know that the separation process requires robust equipment that has a long wear life, and an easy parts exchange process.

Our modern Decanter Screenbowl Centrifuge has been designedwith cost efficiency and simplicity in mind, allowing you to benefit from high recovery rates and to replace spare parts with ease and at a lower cost.


Our machines incorporate the latest wear, process and engineering technology. This includes an open-end discharge system which facilitates higher capacity and lower wear rates in the discharge area.


Our Decanter Screenbowl Centrifuge separates mixtures of different densities – typically solids and liquids – from a slurry using centrifugal force through continuous rotation. It uses a combination of filtration and sedimentation and includes a screen section to further dewater the solids once separation has occurred.


Our unit is supported on rubber isolators, giving the centrifuge more flexibility to move and absorb high frequency vibrations. It also enables more dewatering in the screen section with a larger open area, while the wider discharge openings can also tolerate higher liquid capacities


The brass bushing used to support the conveyor is tougher than the standard bearings, which can cause significant damage to the conveyor components on other models.


Our simpler design means more cost efficiency when replacing spare parts. We understand how important it is to continue operating at peak efficiency, which is why we are committed to providing support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We help with repairs or maintenance services, process-related issues, inspections and vibration analysis, regardless of location or application.

Stress-free operations generate efficiency with reliable support

Simple design

Our Decanter Screenbowl Centrifuge takes the stress out of everyday operations with a simple, compact and modern design, ensuring that you can operate the machine at peak performance. Advancements have been made to increase solids recovery following the sedimentation and filtration process, and maintain low moisture levels in the discharged solids.

Low maintenance

By introducing a simpler design, we have improved access to the numerous spare parts and ensured lower costs involved with replacing parts and repairing wear and tear.


With the entire base frame supported on rubber isolators, the centrifuge can move more freely and absorb high frequency vibrations, reducing possible wear and tear. The brass bushing we use to support the conveyor is also more robust than a bearing, diminishing likely damage.

Improved dewatering

Centrifuges are typically used to separate solids suspended in liquid. Our Decanter Screenbowl Centrifuge uses a combination of filtration and sedimentation to increase the number of solids recovered, which includes forming a layer of solids upon a screen and draining the liquid through them.


The goal is to remove all the liquid from the solids. Our unit has a more open area in the screen section, which increases dewatering. The discharge openings are also wider which ensures higher liquid capacities can be removed from the solids.  

Cost efficiency

We know how important it is to ensure consistent production without regular shutdowns for maintenance. Our Decanter Screenbowl Centrifuge is designed to provide the latest technology at every stage of the process, ensuring you have a modern, up-to-date machine which can handle all your processing needs.


Centrifuges tend to require a minimal amount of servicing which usually covers bearings, lubrication maintenance and wear and tear maintenance. On some of the designs, we can service the unit while it is in operation.

Superior support

Not only do we provide new or remanufactured Decanter Screenbowl Centrifuges, we provide additional support when needed to ensure you can get the most out of your plant and equipment. Our service personnel are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with repairs, inspections, servicing and replacing parts. We have field service technicians ready to provide mechanical assistance and guidance, as well as process-related issues. Our commitment to quality doesn’t end with the purchase of your machine but continues through its lifetime.

A modern, efficient machine with low maintenance design to suit your needs

Our Decanter Screenbowl Centrifuge is a robust machine that has been engineered for higher solids recovery across a range of materials including coal, potash, soda ash and chemicals such as PX (Paraxylene) and Sodium Hypochlorite.

Our Decanter Screenbowl Centrifuge features:

  • High capacity
  • Cutting-edge modern technology
  • Latest wear, process and engineering technology
  • Large diameter of 30-54 inches (762-1372 mm)
  • Monitored and controlled through electronic and digital system, which includes a PLC and local instruments such as switches, vibration monitor, flow meters, temperature probes, torque monitor/switch and lubricant switches
  • Circulating Lube System which includes a pump, filter, heat exchanger and oil flow switches
  • Minimal operator attention required
  • Base frame supported on rubber isolation system
  • Open-end discharge design with a liquid discharge head and wider discharge openings
  • Lower product moistures and less variation in product moisture.


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