Key Benefits

  • Accurate conveyor load measurement
  • Reduce machine stress
  • Optimise conveying operations
  • Minimise belt wear

The conveyor optimisation tool for every mining conveyor

Our Conveyor Volume Flow Control uses radar sensors to measure belt load, speed and misalignment with high accuracy in real time for production control, machine optimisation and belt wear reduction.

Your mining conveyor systems need continuous control to ensure reliable performance. Our precise and reliable system can be placed nearly anywhere, including on moving machines and long booms, enabling you to develop new kinds of control loops for your machinery.

Belt volume flow measurement

Measuring volume flow ensures both that your mining conveyors are not overloaded, and that the demands of the rest of your process are properly met. The Conveyor Volume Flow Control tool achieves a 2D surface profile measurement of the load on the belt using a robust indurad radar sensor installed over the conveyor belt. This measures both belt speed and volume flow. You can choose to calculate volume flow measurements in cubic meters, cubic yards or other formats via a HMI or for PLC/SCADA integration.

Load speed measurement

Load speed is measured via a velocity radar sensor installed above the belt with a clear view of the material stream. This sensor captures both low and high speed, and is able to distinguish between the speed of the load and of the belt. This is especially important for precise results on steep conveyors.


Belt misalignment and freeboard tracking

Two high precision radar sensors on each side of the conveyor belt measure the distance to each belt edge with millimeter precision. The real-time offset between both values enables the detection of developing misalignments within milliseconds. The measured distance between the belt edge and the belt load allows continuous and reliable freeboard measurement


Measurements that enable you to optimise conveyor efficiency

The measurements gained from the radar sensors enable optimal control of your mining conveyors, so that you can further optimise your process. Reduce the occurrence of misalignments, improve conveyor efficiency and minimise belt wear by controlling all aspects of conveyor operations to the ultimate degree.

Accurate conveyor load measurement
Get an accurate picture of your conveyor load so that you can adapt operations to suit your current conditions.


Reduce machine stress
Improve reliability with a low-weight conveyor load measurement solution. Optimise conveyor load without adding to machine stress.


Optimise conveying operations
You can’t manage what you don’t measure. With the data gained from the Conveyor Volume Flow Control solution, you can optimise conveying operations and other downstream processes.


Minimise belt wear
Reduce maintenance downtime by adapting conveyor operations to minimise belt wear.

Maximise your conveying potential

Improving the efficiency of your mining conveyors not only reduces maintenance but can also increase productivity. Maximise the potential of your conveying operation by accurately measuring conveyor load and flow.

The Conveyor Volume Flow Control solution can be installed on almost any type of conveyor without difficulty – including long booms and moving machines. This feature makes it easy to include accurate load and flow measurement across your conveying operation.

The special radar sensors used to monitor flow, load and misalignment ensure you can reduce downtime, optimise efficiency and reap the benefits in your downstream processes – as well as to your bottom line.


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