Key Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Available in a range of shapes and sizes

Rubber and Ceramic Wear Linings protect your vital equipment

Your operation depends on your machinery. Unfortunately, as materials pass from station to station, your processing equipment gets stretched to the limits of its capabilities.

The wear rate of components is extremely high, and maintaining/replacing equipment is a major expense in the mining industry. As such, reducing the impact of ongoing wear on your equipment means reduced operating costs for your business. At the same time, longer equipment life and less downtime allow for improved productivity.



FLSmidth Rubber and Ceramic Wear Linings give your equipment the protection it needs to extend the life of your high wear components, reduce your operating costs and enhance sustainable productivity, so you can enjoy improved results.



Our Rubber and Ceramic Wear Linings are ideal for any chutes, hoppers or conveyor transfer points.

Rubber & Ceramic Wear Linings — reduce your costs and downtime

Reduced maintenance costs
Chutes, hoppers and conveyors transfer points experience high wear. Durable Rubber and Ceramic Wear Linings reduce equipment wear, cutting your maintenance and repair costs significantly.
Improved productivity
Equipment downtime damages productivity, slowing your operation to a crawl. Keep everything up and running longer, for better material output.
Available in a range of shapes and sizes
We offer Rubber and Ceramic Wear Linings to fit any equipment.

Easy Installation Rubber and Ceramic Wear Linings for longer wear life

LUDOLINER™ Rubber and Ceramic Wear Linings feature the abrasion resistant properties of high density alumina, combined with the impact and noise absorbing properties of rubber. The end result is a wear resistance solution that you can count on to extend your equipment life and cut maintenance costs.

And because top-quality wear solutions shouldn’t have to be difficult to install, LUDOLINER rubber-ceramic impact wear panels are an easy-to-fit, bolt-on wear panel for exceptional wear and impact resistance.


LUDOLINER panels are manufactured with a mild steel base plate suitable for welding into position.


LUDOLINER base plates are also available with factory-fitted mounting studs for ease of installation.

LUDOLINER Rubber and Ceramic Wear Linings are available in standard sizes:

  • 500 x 500mm - 32mm Thick
  • 600 x 300mm - 32mm Thick
  • 300 x 300mm - 32mm Thick

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