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Great performance, with low costs and a small footprint

At FLSmidth, we understand how having the right equipment can optimise your plant’s performance. That’s why with our gravity concentration range we have put our focus into not only maximising precious metals recovery, but also into cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our products are made from high-quality materials and can be relied on to last for an extended period, with little maintenance and few parts to deal with. Our machines are also small, compact systems, meaning that they can fit into existing plants easily and have lower operating expenses. We can also offer you automated products, which require little interference from you, making your job a lot simpler.


With our gravity concentration equipment, we promise more than just results, but features that can make a difference to your plant.


Knelson™ Batch Gravity Concentrator

The Knelson Batch Gravity Concentrator is a machine of high regard, known for its capabilities in gold recovery, fine gold recovery and the recovery of other precious metals. It is available in a range of model sizes that will suit your plant’s needs. It is highly configurable and has a capacity range from laboratory scale up to 1000 tonnes of solids per hour. It has been engineered to combine centrifugally enhanced gravitational forces with a fluidised bed process to optimise precious metals recovery.


Knelson™ Continuous Gravity Concentrator

For a product that requires little interference and has been designed to avoid the dewatering and locking of particles, look no further than the Knelson Continuous Gravity Concentrator. As a variant of the batch-type system, it is engineered to address the specific mineral recovery applications with which the Knelson Batch Gravity Concentrator is limited. It is also the only automated gravity concentrator available that utilises fluid-bed technology.


MT3500 Shaking Table

Our MT3500 Shaking Table is designed to separate dense material – such as gold, platinum, and other precious metals – from less dense gangue materials. Separation is accomplished by a combination of a strike-time cycle and a perpendicular crossflow of dressing water. It provides a reliable and effective concentration treatment, designed for optimum metals recovery.


ATS3500 Automated Tabling System

Our ATS3500 Automated Tabling System is a variant shaking table system complete with all of the necessary processes and control equipment to enhance Knelson concentrate in a fully automated operation. Like our other automated machinery, it can be customised to fit your plant’s requirements.


Consep Acacia Intensive Cyanidation System

Our Consep Acacia Intensive Cyanidation System consists of an up-flow fluidised reactor for the leaching of Knelson Concentrates. Consep Acacia has been developed and optimised to produce the ideal solid-liquid interaction for maximised gold leaching reaction kinetics without mechanical agitation. It too is automated and is designed to meet all the challenges that Knelson Concentrates have.


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