Key Benefits

  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Low maintenance
  • Processing flexibility

The Consep Acacia - for maximising gold recovery from concentrates

The Consep Acacia utilises a gravity leaching method in precious metals recovery, which has now become a standard method of recovery in plants around the globe. It is unmatched by traditional tabling methods, which have many limitations when it comes down to optimal gold recovery, safety and operator-hours requirements.

The Consep Acacia consists of an up-flow fluidised reactor which consistently provides overall leach recoveries in excess of 95%, at most times over 98%. The unit’s unique design provides ideal solid liquid interaction and maximises gold leaching kinetics without mechanical agitation. At the same time, operator safety has been paramount while improving equipment performance with numerous safety mechanisms.


Over 20 years, the Consep Acacia has become the market leader in its field, maintaining its advantage over competing products with its reliability, simplicity and productivity.


With its desirable benefits and its outstanding features, the Consep Acacia is a product that is critical for all modern gold leaching circuits.

The Consep Acacia - a safe and effective leaching system

The Consep Acacia is a product that has already proven that it can meet or exceed most customer needs. With its noteworthy advantages, it is a requirement for all precious metals recovery circuits.

There have been over 120 Consep Acacia installations of the system across five continents, leaving many of our customers coming back for multiple units. The system has a 100% installation success rate and has replaced competing units in plants around the globe. The Consep Acacia is the only gravity leaching system capable of making this claim.
The Consep Acacia has been engineered with the operators’ safety in mind. Multiple safety interlocks, ability to decontaminate components prior to maintenance, proper venting and detailed operational procedures are just some of the features which make the system safe and easy to use.
Low maintenance
The Consep Acacia has minimal moving parts (three pumps, one agitator, one feeder) and requires little maintenance, which usually consists of regular visual inspections and a three-month preventive maintenance inspection. This greatly reduces costs associated with general maintenance and downtime. As it is also an automated system, there is very little user interference required, further reducing operational costs.
Processing flexibility

The Consep Acacia can be used for many different applications and has been designed to handle several concentrate grades. It can be adapted easily to fit into existing plants and is engineered to process the gravity gold concentrate without any cleaning or intermediate steps. Its operational parameters can be changed with ease to adapt to changes in ore mineralogy and to process the concentrates accordingly. Finally, no clarifying agent is required for the machine to function effectively; clean product solution is achieved by utilising the equipment design and precise processing steps.

A superior automated leaching system for gravity recovery

The Consep Acacia is a versatile piece of equipment designed to enhance your plant’s overall performance. It also comes standard with several features that opposing brands simply can’t compete with.

Fully automated

The Consep Acacia provides you with all the benefits of an automated system, where it can be left to its own devices and does the work without disruption, making the process quicker and more efficient. It has an easy-to-use operator interface that regulates the machine’s functions. It can also be easily integrated into the Knelson concentrator’s automation for seamless complete gravity circuit operations.


Simple design

It has been engineered to be a compact system, with few moving parts and an easy-to-use operation system. It largely consists of static tanks, valves and three pumps.


Superior leaching method

The Consep Acacia uses an up-flow reactor design. The design of the reactor maximised solid-liquid contact, with its geometry and flow rates used for leaching. Irrespective of whether it’s a small pilot system or a 15-tonne per batch system, it will have the same reactor geometry, the same up-flow rates, and the same unrivalled performance. This can’t be said for competing brands.


Robust solids handling

The Consep Acacia can process steel, which other competing systems struggle to do. A key difference is that the Consep Acacia pumps solution during the leach, not slurry. With the Consep Acacia’s use of an up-flow reactor, the steel and coarse gold gets stratified to the base of the reactor and contacts  the fresh leach solution with high solution velocities, making it a far more efficient and robust  process.

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