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Calcination equipment that is sustainable and economical

At FLSmidth, we value how important it is to provide products that are both sustainable and economically sound. With our range of calcination equipment, we offer a more affordable method of processing materials, without causing significant harm to the environment. Our Suspension Calciners are multi-stage, vertical vessels designed for simplicity, ease of operation, and flexibility. With these systems, you can’t go wrong.

Our calcination systems have been successful since their launch in the 1970s. Their unique layout offers space-saving solutions, and with their range of parameters – from the number of stages to temperature – it allows you to have complete control of the process. Our stationary systems have few moving parts, which eliminates general wear-and-tear, minimising maintenance time and personnel. Every calciner that we provide is optimised to suit the individual situation it is to be used for, meaning that it is customisable and can be configured to work efficiently in your plant.

Low emissions are a priority with these products. They have been manufactured to work successfully with alternative fuels as well as generic fossil fuels. With our equipment, it is possible to be sustainable with minimal impact on process stability and performance. That is our promise.

Gas Suspension Calciner

Our Gas Suspension Calciner offers an economical method of processing fine materials, such as potash, phosphate, limestone fines, alumina, trona, clays, talc and other mineral products. It is a vertical vessel with few moving parts and no rotating grid plates or nozzles. It can process between one tonne per hour and 800 tonnes per hour and can be successfully used with fuels such as natural gas, fuel oil, coal, petroleum coke, low heating value gases and alternate fuels. It offers versatility, affordability and better performance overall.

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