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We discover potential for the benefit of your business

In general, port and terminal as well as stockyard operations haven’t changed much over the last couple of decades. However, new and increased demands for efficiency and sustainability require businesses to be more productive than ever before.


This means utilising your current equipment to a maximum and keeping capital expenditures at a minimum. The common goal is to work towards the ‘lower cost tonne’, whether it is a greenfield site or on already operating port, terminal or stockyard.


For a dry bulk export or import terminal, we know that a higher stockyard throughput means that a bulk carrier will be loaded or unloaded faster. This contributes to significant savings by allowing a smaller ‘slot’ for the loading or unloading sequence or by avoiding demurrage fees if a carrier is not loaded/unloaded within the allocated time slot.


With potentials from mechanical solutions being nearly fully explored, your operations in the port and terminal industry must turn towards digitalisation and automation to remain competitive.


We offer you the entire spectrum from single machines to full projects

Our experience from the mining industry make us a full flow-sheet solution provider for the port and terminal industry.

This means that we can help you and your operations, regardless of the challenge you may have – big or small. Need a single machine or part: we deliver what you need. Planning a brand new port or terminal: Our engineers and designers help you choose the right solution, ensuring sustainability, productivity and low total cost of ownership.


Our product, equipment and service offerings consist of:

• Complete project consulting

• System and project engineering

• Feasibility studies

• Pneumatic/mechanical loading and unloading of ships and barges

• Reclaimers

• Stackers

• Gears and drives

• Storage solutions and silos

• Mechanical and pneumatic conveyors

• Floating terminal solutions

• and more…


Unleash your potential with digitalisation and automation

Improvements in automation technologies have to a great extent created innovation opportunities . System automation of port and terminal equipment offers you productivity enhancements and adds further benefits in terms of lowering operating costs, improving safety, flexibility, longevity, reliability and predictability.


At FLSmidth, we embraced the potentials in automation and digitalisation many years ago. Today, we offer you sophisticated automation systems utilising sensors, algorithms, IoT, machine-learning and AI to discover potential in every corner of your operation.

Your benefits are clear: Real-time optimisation, improved visualisation, lots of relevant data for reporting and further enhancements, and the lowest possible cost per tonne


To summarise, automation done right, leads to one man, one stockyard, and unmatched productivity, even with existing machinery and hardware.


Another important benefit of automating port and terminal operations is that your operators are placed safely in a control room instead of working in the vicinity of the machine. Even though precautions are taken to protect operators on machines, mistakes do occur and things can go wrong.

If an incident does occur, the entire stockyard will typically be shut down for half a day while an investigation is conducted, so removing operators from the machines enhances both safety and efficiency.


Full-circle customer service and support

We are much more than just equipment suppliers. We provide you with a wide range of customer support services such as start-ups, maintenance contracts, training services, engineering support and much more.

Through our presence in more than 50 countries around the world, we remain close to your operations and can always provide market-leading productivity.

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