Key Benefits

  • Optimized product through numerous adaptation possibilities
  • Wear and energy saving due to pre-screening between the rolls
  • High operational safety
  • Easy maintenance
  • Can be implemented into existing crushing plants

Your high-performance, easy-maintenance sizing solution

Our RollSizer is a sizing solution that offers you more advantages than ever before. Whether it is the wear and energy saving operation or the optimised product, this mining sizer consistently delivers you quality throughout. Simply put, it is the ideal machine for the primary, secondary and tertiary crushing stages.

Our RollSizer excels at crushing medium-hard rock as well as sticky and soft material such as lignite, clay, marl, and similar raw materials. It is a sizing solution built for high performance, easy maintenance and less energy consumption. 

As we know that no customer and their requirements are alike, our RollSizer is also highly adaptable to your requirements and application. The standard model range includes 20 machines of various sizes and designs. The series is dividable into primary, secondary and tertiary sizers.  


In the primary crusher, a conveyable product (<300 mm) can be produced from the raw materials with a maximum edge length of 2.0 m in one-step. In the following crushing stages, the required target grain size can be produced in the secondary or tertiary sizer. 

Besides the standard design, we offer special solutions tailored to meet your individual needs. Our flexibility is a major plus: We act on your specific requirements and adapt our RollSizers to suit the material to be crushed and the product size you require. With each customised design, we optimise our proven technology to meet your specifications.  

This approach guarantees you the best sizing solution for your operations, which means: high quality product, high availability, minimum maintenance, ease of operation and maximum performance with up to 10,000 tph. 

The compact design of our RollSizers makes them suited for underground and mobile applications as well as for the implementation into existing crushing plants, for example in material transfer areas. 

High-performance, low-maintenance sizing technology

This RollSizer has proven itself in mining and mineral processing as well as in the natural stone industry with its state-of-the-art technology with highly innovative details. In particular, the sizer has great potential for wear and energy savings as the crushing process features a screening effect. Fine material can pass the gap between the rollers without being crushed, which leads to a significant reduction of the wear rate and the power consumption. However, this is just one of many benefits of our RollSizer.

Optimised product through numerous adaptation possibilities 

Overall, our RollSizer offers you the following advantages:


  • Wear and energy saving due to pre-screening between the rolls 
  • High operational safety 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Automatic lubrication of the bearings 
  • Generating a low amount of fines 
  • Compact and flat design 
  • Suitable for underground and mobile applications 
  • Integratable into existing crushing plants 

Security and monitoring devices ensure safe and steady sizing

Our RollSizers feature all necessary security and monitoring devices to ensure safe and steady operation. The speed of the rollers and the temperature of the bearings are measured continuously with the data being displayed in the control room and integrated in the distributed control system. This enables condition monitoring of all important components of the sizing machine.

No matter what properties the feed material has, our customers can rely on high availability and safety of the machine due to the continuous condition monitoring of important components. 

The materials are safely and steadily crushed by shear- and tensile forces generated by high rotor torques at a low circumferential speed. Due to the arrangement of the crushing tools, the fines in the feed can pass through the gap between the rolls, similar to a roller screen, without being crushed. 

To guarantee our customers the best possible product quality for any crushing stage, some differences apply between the different kinds of operation of our RollSizers. 


Primary crushing with CenterSizers 

For primary crushing, CenterSizers are in use, in which the comminution takes place in the gap between the rollers, which rotate towards the center. By this working principle and the aggressively shaped teeth, it is possible to grip and process even big particles in the feed material. 

CenterSizers can be equipped with an adjustable breaker bar to adjust the output grain size. The rollers are tipped with teeth, which are carrying exchangeable tooth pics made of wear resistant steel. The tooth pics are quickly and easily interchangeable to reduce the maintenance time to a minimum. 

Secondary crushing with SideSizers 

In secondary crushing SideSizers operate mostly, whereby the comminution takes place between the outward rotating rolls and the sidewalls, which are equipped with integrated crushing combs at the narrowest point of the gap. The crushing gap can be set by adjusting the sidewalls. 

The crushing combs are arranged laterally and have an especially high wear volume. In case of wear, they are repeatedly re-adjustable from outside and in case one side wears out completely, they can be turned to use the second side. Due to their high wear volume, we achieve a long service life with low maintenance and spare parts requirements. Both rolls are equipped with replaceable crushing segments. These crushing segments are available for various applications in different variants and are quickly exchangeable. 

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