Key Benefits

  • Highest capacity available in market
  • Extra-large feed opening available
  • Significant energy-saving effect
  • CAPEX advantages through weight optimised design

The primary crusher that delivers without compromises

With our Gyratory Crusher Pro, we offer you the experience of more than 80 installed crushers around the globe, which operate successfully in all climate zones of the world. This primary crusher is designed for high performance and, at the same time, cost-effective operation with low servicing and maintenance costs.

Our Gyratory Crusher Pro offers our customers high-performance crushing operations under toughest conditions from -40°C to 50°C - whether it is the heat of the Australian summer or the cold of the Norwegian winter.


Built for ultimate performance and easy maintenance, this hard rock crusher excels at the crushing of medium hard to hard rock and ore in semi-mobile and stationary processing plants in ore mines and in the natural rock industry.


As we know that no customer and their requirements are alike, we offer several Gyratory Crusher Pro models to fit your requirements and application: 

Gyratory Crusher KB 63-130 Pro
Capacity up to 14,000 tph
Feed opening 1,600 mm / 63 inch
Mantle diameter 3,300 mm / 130 inch
Drive motor power up to 1,500 kW
Total weight approx. 495,000 kg
Gyratory Crusher KB 63-89 Pro
Capacity up to 8,500 tph
Feed opening 1,600 mm / 63 inch
Mantle diameter 2,260 mm / 89 inch
Drive motor power up to 1,000 kW
Total weight approx. 332,000 kg
Gyratory Crusher KB 63-80 Pro
Capacity up to 6,000 tph
Feed opening 1,600 mm / 63 inch
Mantle diameter  2,030 mm / 80 inch
Drive motor power up to 650 kW
Total weight approx. 215,000 kg
Gyratory Crusher KB 54-75 Pro
Capacity up to 5,300 tph
Feed opening 1,370 mm / 54 inch
Mantle diameter  1,900 mm / 75 inch
Drive motor power up to 650 kW
Total weight approx. 215,000 kg
Gyratory Crusher KB 54-67 Pro
Capacity up to 4,300 tph
Feed opening 1,370 mm / 54 inch
Mantle diameter  1,700 mm / 67 inch
Drive motor power up to 500 kW
Total weight approx. 180,000 kg

The best performing primary crusher in the market

Representing today’s state-of-the-art in crushing technology, our Gyratory Crusher Pro guarantees you benefits on all ends. For example, its high performance and weight optimised design allows for an extra-large feed opening that delivers you throughput rates of up to 14,000 tph. Moreover, the primary crusher has the highest drive power compared with similar crusher sizes of our competitors!

Overall, our Gyratory Crusher Pro offers you the following advantages: 

High performance & easy operations
  • Highest capacity in the market 
  • High throughputs of up to 14,000 tph
  • Optimum degree of comminution 
  • Easy crusher operation with optimum efficiency 
  • Easy modification of eccentricity 
Cost-effectiveness & maintenance-friendliness
  • Easy access to all heavy components from above
  • Low operating and wear costs 
  • Significant energy-saving effects 
  • Highly wear-resistant crushing tools 
  • Maximum reliability 
Optimised design & life time
  • Less weight, less stresses and easier casting
  • Huge feed opening for receiving big lumps of rock 
  • Increase of overall strength 

Optimised crushing chamber for performance without compromises

Countless features ensure you the best crushing experience tailored to your demands. Whether it is the optimised “fish belly” shell design, the benchmarking crushing chamber design or the plenty options to increase safety and performance of your mining crushing operations, the Gyratory Crusher Pro gives you all the tools that bring your crushing to the next level.


 The ultimate hard rock crusher

When it comes to the crunch, we offer the ultimate hard rock crusher in performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. 

Thanks to the optimised crushing chamber, you are able to directly feed the crusher and achieve high throughput rates along with an optimum degree of comminution. However, this is not the only design optimisation on offer for our Gyratory Crusher Pro. While it is a heavyweight in terms of performance, its “fish belly” shell design turns the crusher into a lightweight on the weight scale. It is lighter than comparable crushers are, without losing any of the strength. In fact, the machine is even stronger and accounts for less stresses and easier casting as well. 

The Gyramatic monitoring and control system ensures easy and safe operation of the crusher as you can control and interlock all machine parameters and auxiliary systems. This compact, robust unit consists of a control cabinet with a touch screen terminal. The terminal can be used interactively to input set points and read off operating data.

Reliable and safe operations are also guaranteed through our hydraulic main shaft adjustment feature. The hydraulic adjustment of the crushing gap compensates for wear and the hydraulic main shaft adjustment protects you from overloads. The Gyratory Crusher also features an adjustable pinion gear, which enables you to do simple adjustments of the backlash by rotating the housing from outside. To keep the crusher always crushing it the way you need it to crush, you made modification of eccentricity easy for you as can adjust the eccentricity through the change of stroke. 


State-of-the-art crushing technology

Our Gyratory Crusher Pro also features a state-of-the-art drive concept with the usage of high-capacity drive motors. It comes with a direct drive via disc-pack coupling with floating shaft and safety coupling. The disc-pack coupling compensates for geometric misalignments between the motor shaft and the countershaft while the safety coupling protects the crusher motor from overload when uncrushable tramp material enters the crusher. The floating shaft allows the countershaft to be removed without having to remove the motor. 

However, this would not be the backbone of crushing technology, if there were not several additional features and options to increase the Gyratory Crusher Pro’s safety and performance:

  • Hydraulic spider fixing unit (Bone type spider) 
  • Spherical spider bearing 
  • Eccentric removal trolley 
  • Spider maintenance platform 
  • Concave mounting rack 
  • Concave dismantling device (Concave pans) 
  • Main shaft stand 
  • Hydraulic nuts 
  • Different liner configurations

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