Key Benefits

  • Lighter panels
  • Safer installation
  • Easier replacement

An easy-to-install perforated screen system

Installing and removing heavy perforated screen surfaces has always been a difficult and dangerous job. The weight of the panels makes them difficult to handle and creates a hazard for your staff. That’s why we set our engineers the task of finding a better way to do things. LUDODECK PIPO™ (Push-In Pull-Out) Two Perforated Plate Panels make installing these heavy screen surfaces safe and easy.

How does it work?

Utilising a modular screen panel concept, LUDODECK PIPO™ Two Perforated Plate System’s design combines a perforated steel screening surface and a polyurethane clip-down system. The panels are installed and un-installed by clipping and un-clipping them to and from a series of clip rails mounted in the vibrating screen.


A safer, easier solution

Separating the screening surface from the clip-down system ensures the panels are lighter and smaller, making the job of installing them much easier and safer. Additionally, since worn panels can be replaced without removing the clip-down system, you’ll save on maintenance costs.


Multiple applications

Are you looking for a system that can be configured with a range of screen surface materials and aperture shapes to suit the requirements of your operations?

LUDODECK PIPO™ Two Perforated Plate System is ideally suited for:
  • mineral processing
  • aggregate industry
  • sizing
  • coal processing.

Reduce costs and protect your workers with lighter perforated screens

Protect your staff and improve the efficiency of your operations with LUDODECK PIPO Two Perforated Plate Panels. They are a proven, easier-to-install screening solution.

Lighter panels

Make the job of panel installation simpler for your workers. These panels are much lighter and easier to handle than conventional heavy perforated plates.

Safer installation

The smaller size and weight of the panels also helps protect your staff. You’ll be able to significantly reduce the risk of injury that comes from working with heavy panels.

Easier replacement

Unlike traditional perforated screening solutions, the LUDODECK PIPO Two Perforated Plate Panels system allows you to replace worn plates without removing the structural support. This provides a further protection for staff while reducing maintenance costs.

Customisable screens, backed by FLSmidth support

You need to get the right screening solution for your business and that’s why we are here. Contact us to find out what the best options are for you.

A customisable solution

LUDODECK PIPO Two Perforated Plate Panels can be easily configured to the needs of your operation. The system supports a variety of surface materials and aperture shapes provided by FLSmidth.


Expert advice

Our technicians are available to ensure you choose the right configuration for your needs. Contact us today and we will be able to advise what specifications will suit your application best.

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