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Optimise your sedimentation performance 

Mine operators worldwide face colossal challenges that affect their long-term planning and daily operations. Not only are they tasked with providing high-quality raw materials for consumption, but they must also meet increasing demands for environmentally conscious practices. Thickeners and clarifiers, when properly optimised for performance and operating cost, offer some of the most cost-effective technologies available to meet both of these goals.


Technology leaders

We bring extensive experience in sedimentation and flocculation technology to your process needs, and can help determine the most cost-effective mechanism for your application, without compromising quality or dependability. For example, our E-Duc® feed dilution technology allows for dilution to lower feed solids contents than competing technologies. Combined with our E-Volute feedwell, this results in the lowest flocculant usage of any thickener supplier. We also have led the way in developing paste thickening technology, with more paste thickening installations than all of our competitors combined. All of the durable and productive thickening and clarifying equipment we offer is among the most technologically advanced and rigorously tested products available on the market today.


Operational expertise

Correct thickener and clarifier sizing ensures dependability and efficiency with a margin of safety for process upsets, allowing the greatest operational flexibility. We will work with you to address your specific process challenges that affect thickener and clarifier selection, including ideal settling rates, retention times required for clarification, and the unit area and solids-retention time required for thickening.


What’s in it for you?

We take the stress out of coordinating with an independent contractor who may not be familiar with all the details necessary to install a complete thickener or clarifier.


Upgrades and retrofits

Sedimentary technology is constantly advancing. Our designers combine years of engineering expertise with major refurbishments, upgrades and retrofits for existing machinery to ensure ongoing integrity, reliability and productivity. In fact, feedwell retrofits often pay for themselves in a matter of months in flocculant savings alone. We can evaluate your thickening and clarification needs, and offer upgrades or retrofits, including completely new mechanisms, feed system retrofits and new drives.


Technical services we provide:

  • Product review and improvement
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Equipment audits
  • Process audits
  • Testing
  • Repairs and refurbishments
  • Upgrades
  • Original OEM parts
  • Retrofits


The complete retrofit and upgrade packages we provide are unique in the industry, as they typically include design, engineering, fabrication, planning, scheduling, project management, installation and commissioning.

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